the birthday boy

We celebrated Andy’s 26th birthday yesterday. Actually we’ve been celebrating since Saturday. Hayden had a sleepover with her cousins so we could have a date night out on the town, and yesterday had family and friends spread all throughout the day. Today while he was out enjoying the sunshine and some brother time, his sister and I prepped a birthday dinner for the crew.

Andy and I met three wonderful years ago and have done our very best to make the most of every day spent together. He’s a loving husband and an amazing dad.



He’s funny and sweet. A truly generous and loyal friend.

andy friends

If he had a choice, all his days would be spent adventuring outside.





He works so hard to provide for us and always puts his family first, in fact he puts most people before himself. He wakes up singing and always goes to bed with a smile on his face. He’s one of the happiest guys you’ll ever meet.

Happy birthday to my right hand man. My other half. My companion in this life’s journey. May you always be by my side.




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