a space fit for three

My final preparation for the new baby was a make over of our master bedroom. Eventually the boys will share a space but until he has reached an age that I’m not up every couple of hours nursing and he won’t disturb Reid’s slumber, he’ll crash with us.

You can find an article and an opinion on just about every aspect of a newborn’s sleeping arrangement. It constantly changes as well. From my personal experience, you should try out as many as you can to find what is a good fit for you and your family and what allows the best sleep for everyone. That includes my children and my husband. We had Hayden and Reid share a room when Reid was younger and ended up having to use the cry it out method for a period of time. Which didn’t allow Hayden to get a good nights rest, and it was at that point we gave them each their own room. I handled all the night feedings since I exclusively breastfed, and wanted a helper during the day that wasn’t also a zombie, so I’ve never asked Andy to stay up with me.

Which leads me to the following game plan. Each kid has their space apart from each other to sleep. We rearranged our room to accommodate the crib at the foot of our bed so that from the get go I’m not crashing on the couch or on the living floor by the baby swing and HOPEFULLY can begin crib training earlier than before, and I’m still able to nurse and sleep in the comforts of my own soft bed.

bedroom setup-0101.jpg

I have no qualms with co sleeping. I’ve done it with both my kids and the kids still like to crash with us when they can. I have always struggled laying that tiny, squishy baby to sleep with what seems like a huge crib and expect them to find that appealing. It wasn’t until 6 months or later that we began crib training and while it’s always worked out in the long run, I did some more research this time about other options. Enter the Dockatot. I stumbled upon a blogger that shared her stories of how they crib trained their infant daughter using the Dockatot. They used it inside the crib to get her used to sleeping in her crib at an earlier age so that once she outgrew the Dockatot they were able to simply transition her to the crib without it and it wasn’t such a drastic change. It worked for them very successfully and fingers crossed it’s the result I can achieve as well.



The “latest study” shows that co sharing a sleep space (not co sleeping) significantly reduces the risk of SIDS. Which honestly wasn’t my motivation for this setup but it does make it more reassuring. Reid was such a finicky sleeper and a cranky baby in general and I really struggled to find a routine that worked with him. I floundered for what seemed like months so I really made an effort to have a solid plan of action for this next guy. Reid wanted to be held and snuggled and slept in my arms day and night. So apart from crib training, this product seemed like it could help me not have an infant that is a stage 5 clinger when it comes to sleeping.

I wanted to create a space for us that not only gave Andy and I an updated bedroom (it was the last space in the house to get any type of attention or renovation) but create an atmosphere that was calm and quiet for us to sleep in each night with the baby and make night-time something I didn’t completely dread.

It’s not a proper makeover since I don’t have before pictures but most of you know me personally so knew what the bedroom was before. For those that don’t, we previously had a white room with a dark blue painted wall behind our bed. We had a large wooden canopy style frame for our bed and our dressers were dark cherry wood with gold hardware.

The room got a fresh coat of paint and new window dressings. We used to have a large wood bed frame that Andy had built when he first moved into his first apartment. The kids loved it. It was the perfect frame to climb and build forts and of course it was a work of art created by Andy himself. My major complaint (because yes, it was only me that complained about it ūüôā ) was that it was tall and bulky and was very hard for me to get in and out of it. It was a steep fall when the kids fell off, and what kid doesn’t eventually fall out of the bed from time to time. And it was tall enough that I wouldn’t have been able to easily grab the baby from the crib, it would have required me to get out and go around. Which defeated the purpose. Andy is a saint and agreed to nix the old bed he had proudly worked so hard on and built a new bed that beautifully met the needs of my checklist.

The dressers and night stand got sanded, painted and new hardware. More plant babies OF COURSE and some new artwork hung up. I’m lucky to have a pretty cute artist in our house that always gives me good deals on her pieces. Details like an oil diffuser and different lamps for softer light were on my checklist for making it more baby friendly. I set up a bedside basket with what I need for late night diaper changes and in general have kept things relatively minimalist knowing that it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the chaos of a newborn and hopefully a calming space would remedy that.


bedroom setup-0129

That pot cover was a really easy and fun DIY. Instead of buying a new planter, I took two pre cut fat quarters of fabric and sewed them together to make a cover that simply slid on the existing pot. Now I can change out the cover whenever I feel like something different and it’s just a matter of a few stitches with some new fabric pieces.

room redo-0131.jpg

The best perk of all of this? Having our own bathroom and television in our room means it’s even easier for me to stay hidden in the back of the house. Hayden is already trained on making me coffee and Reid is really good about bringing me snacks so really I don’t have much reason to leave this room at all! It’s a win all around. I mean other than having other children to tend to, but they are both pretty independent and our smoke alarms work great, so I feel like we are covered there.

room redo-0171.jpg

I had a rather clear vision for this room and am so happy with how it’s coming along. The final touch will be that adorable little baby sleeping soundly in his new crib. A mama can dream anyway..

38 weeks

38 weeks-0161

We’re down to single digit days before we welcome our newest member to the family. ¬†For those that have been through this, I’m experiencing the usual. I’m uncomfortable, exhausted and sore most of the day and night. I have heartburn that won’t quit and have recently gotten my nausea back, but with a vengeance. Getting dressed is near impossible without a struggle and there isn’t really any position that I can be in that doesn’t result in some sort of ache or pain after several minutes. The bitching aside, overall I do feel good. Those things I’ve become accustomed¬†to and can easily ignore in order to continue on with my day. This pregnancy has gone by smoothly and without any complications and that’s all anyone can really hope for. I can deal with varicose veins, pants that don’t fit and being out of breath 90% of the time in exchange for a happy and healthy baby.

Child rearing is a tricky thing. It’s a subject that everyone seems to have a lot of opinions about, whether or not they have children of their own. Especially when it comes to your choices surrounding the birth and that first year of life for your little one. Seems silly to me. Each to their own is my standing. You want to go all natural and she roar that kid out, more power to you! Water birth? Awesome. Scheduled C-section with all the drugs they offer? I get it. Whether you want every detail planned out or you want to let nature take its course and you follow the lead of that little human making their way into the world, I can respect that. That being said, I do get asked a lot of questions once anyone hears me say “induced.” So I’ll take the time to address the subject if not for the only reason of educating someone who is curious about the process and reasons why. ( I’m obviously not a doctor but the following is based on information from my own doctor, two previous pregnancies and also.. Google.) ¬†After 36 weeks you are no longer producing amniotic fluid and are in fact slowly losing it. At 37 weeks, “early term”, your baby will continue to put on weight and grow. You can deliver at this point and developmentally they are on track and your odds are extremely high you’ll have a great delivery and a healthy baby to take home. 39 weeks is always the GOAL and if you make it past 40 weeks and your due date, you know that casserole is all sorts of cooked and ready.

I had both Reid and Hayden earlier than my due date. Both came 6 days early, naturally (no need for C-section). With Hayden, my water broke on its own and with Reid, I was induced at 39 weeks. I had many early signs of labor with him and we had reached the point that he was simply needing a little push to set things off. My water was broken at the hospital and I was fortunate that my body did everything else it needed to do to naturally deliver a healthy baby boy less than 24 hours later.

We all know that babies have their own agenda and aren’t going to follow a plan. Having an elective induction date with Reid made things on our end much simpler because we were able to have planned child care for Hayden and knew that Andy would be home from work and we wouldn’t be scrambling to get him on a flight to make it home. So when my doctor asked me for this pregnancy about a planned induction opposed to waiting it out, I had no hesitations. We now have 2 kids to make arrangements for, Andy has limited time off of work and we’ll actually have out-of-state family staying with us when I reach my due date so it would wonderful to have him and be back home before they leave. Could this guy show up early? You betcha. At this point could my water break in the middle of the night or tomorrow afternoon contractions start and I have to be admitted? Totally. So many things could happen and it would be just fine. BUT¬†if not, on the 25th, Andy and I will head to the hospital at 6 am where my doctor will again break my water and we hopefully have another successful and uncomplicated birth. If we make it until then, it will actually be the closest to my actual due date that I’ve been with any of my children.¬†My current due date is the 28th, yet I’ve measured ahead this entire pregnancy. ¬†

38 weeks-0168

Every pregnant woman has their own level of comfort with this process. Some do everything in their power to get labor started. Others are fine with following the course of the baby and can manage many days past their due date. My PERSONAL belief is that I see no real advantage waiting it out as long as possible. His living arrangement has passed its peak by the due date and while he is still getting nutrients and growing, he has maxed out his living space and with each passing day that he grows bigger inside, the likelihood rises that I will have a harder delivery. If my doctor were to tell me that nothing was happening (no dilation, no soft cervix, no contractions happening or the baby hasn’t dropped), I’m perfectly comfortable giving this baby the time he needs. So far all of the above has happened and it’s a waiting game at this point. All players are in position for go time. Time to upgrade him to a place with more square footage and a place with a view. It is 100% my choice deciding on a planned induction date instead of just waiting it out to a due date or longer. ¬†It absolutely makes life easier for my family and I and I’m perfectly okay with that. Do I want to have my husband home for the birth? Yes. Would it be easier to wake up and have the other kids sleeping soundly and not have them be dragged to the hospital with us? Yes. Do I want to deliver with my actual doctor and not whoever is on call (we found out not long ago she had several dates this month she would be unavailable)? Yes. Those are all things that pertain to me. They reduce my stress level and anxiety. And that’s okay. People can have opinions and thoughts on that and it won’t change my situation one bit. I am very much at peace with my body and what it’s preparing for. I don’t feel as though I’m rushing any of the process and I’m listening to the cues my body is sending me. I’m not pushing myself and am in fact not doing anything in particular to try to induce labor myself. I have had an incredible journey with this guy so far and I have no doubt or concerns that we won’t finish it out strong.

38 weeks-0170

We are very eager to meet this guy and embrace however he decides he wants to make his grand entrance. Now we simply wait…

– I share this story not only for myself but for those who, myself included, enjoy reading the experiences of other people. I don’t wish to influence others by my decisions. Only to share with you a piece of our life. Bringing a child into this world is a personal and private choice. A choice not awarded to all and I’m humbled and proud that I have been blessed with this opportunity three times. I’m grateful to all of you that have shared in my stories along with me. –