let’s gab on the goods

Who doesn’t love to talk about baby stuff?!? Okay, probably a lot of you. This post might not be for you, so your welcome to skip over it. For those of you that stuck around, here is a peek at the goodies I have lined up for our newest fella.

All of the big items (crib, strollers, backpacks, car seat, etc) we already had from the other kids and they are in good condition. Here are a few of my favorite items from that list.


Baby Carrier

Diaper Bag

The bag I have is actually out of stock, but I’m still in love with my Kelly Moore bag and would recommend it to anyone. I used it as my camera bag once Reid was older and will happily go back to using it as my diaper bag again.

baby stuff-0883

pacifier clip / ring sling wrap / muslin blankets / car seat cover

My other babes took a pacifier and I have high hopes this guy will take one as well. I used clips with Reid and it was a lifesaver! Primarily when we traveled because he loved to drop them in his seat and I can’t even count how many pit stops we had in order to retrieve them. No one likes to listen to a crying baby in a car. No one.

Sling ring wraps. The one pictured, I sewed myself, and I linked the tutorial I used minus the dying of the fabric. I have two other carriers I plan on using. A backpack style, and also a soft wrap. I have pros and cons with both but was really intrigued with the simplicity and look of the sling wrap.

Muslin blankets. I love the versatility of them and how BIG they are! While July isn’t a scorcher in Alaska, it is warm and there isn’t a need for heavy blankets. Little Unicorn has adorable designs and this set with the bison and plants was to cute to pass up.

A multi purpose cover. Between Hayden and Reid, I’ve used an assortment of products in place of what this one product can do. The fabric is incredibly soft and you can find just about any type of pattern you want from several different shops.

And if you noticed in the main picture of this post, all of these items were nestled in a DockATot. A brand new addition that I CAN’T WAIT to use. More on that later, in a different post.

baby stuff-0888

pants / hat

The going home outfit. I’ve been on opposite sides of the spectrum. I honestly can’t even remember what Hayden wore for the first week of her life. I didn’t have a bag packed and rushed to the hospital in a panic when my water broke, leaving my roommate/best friend to grab items at home for us later on.

Reid had the sweetest tiny moccasins ever, and an outfit that was topped off with the smallest cardigan you’ve ever seen. I remember cursing myself while trying to dress him though. Buttons. So many f****** buttons.  We both came home to immediately get into more comfortable clothes and it seemed pointless that I put in so much effort into what he was wearing that first day.  He has a couple different options packed very similar to the one above along with some fleece pajamas and a sleeping gown. It never hurts to be prepared.

Onto my bag.

baby stuff2-0915.jpg

Mama Bird tee / Adventure Tee

You’ve worked hard packing that baby around for the last 9 months and the process to bring them home is no walk in the park. My best advice is to pack yourself lots of comforts and don’t sell yourself short. Things like nice nursing bras and post maternity underwear are worth the money. You don’t have to spend a lot, but find things that fit you well and your comfortable in. While regular nursing bras are good for outings, these ones are ideal for being at home and sleeping in. While you may have a short stay in the hospital/birthing center, packing things like cozy lounge clothes and a robe to throw on make it easier on you when you have visitors or your laid up in your room before you can go home.  Slippers or flip flops are a must. Both of my previous babies took their time arriving, and we were encouraged to walk around. TRAVEL TOILETRIES. It’s really the easiest way to pack for anything. Even if you have a very planned out delivery, it’s incredibly easy to forget something. A hot shower and brushing your teeth can do wonders for a person’s mental and physical state. Travel size items are available just about anywhere and now whether we leave for the hospital unexpectedly or on a Thursday at 7 am on the dot, all I have to worry about is throwing in contacts/glasses and a makeup bag.

One last thing, snacks and items to pass time with. I was in the hospital with Hayden a full 24 hours before anything really started happening and with Reid a slow and boring 12 hours before it got exciting. Books, playlists or podcasts to listen to, favorite movies to watch or trashy magazines to read. Those hours seem to linger forever while your staring at the clock, waiting for that baby to make his appearance. Spare yourself the pain and just prep for downtime. SNACKS. Daytime hours are a breeze, with lots of options for food (if your allowed to eat). Hayden was born close to midnight and Reid came at 1:30 am. The cafeteria was closed, most every place in town was also, and vending machine food is the last thing you want after all that hard work. I was absolutely starving and finally able to eat real food. Prepare for that. Even if it’s a protein shake or a sandwich you packed. You’ve still got a lot of work ahead of you and your going to want something to keep you going.

Here are a few of my favorite shops to stock up on stuff for either you or baby. Happy shopping!

Dwell and Slumber / Wren and Ivory / Shabby Apple

Modern Burlap / Spearmint Baby / Copper Pearl

scrapbook sunday: the start of summer

School let out on Friday for summer vacation. To say it was an emotional roller coaster for Hayden is putting it lightly. For the rest of our family, we are excited for everything that summer is going to bring. Reid, of course, has been gearing up for the season that allows him to wear fewer and fewer items of clothes. A free spirit, that one. As for Hayden,  I suppose when your 6, it’s hard not to sweat the small stuff. The pictures should sum it up for you.








30 weeks

30 week belly-0458

We are nearly to single digits in our weekly countdown. Very similar to Reid’s pregnancy, the last trimester just screams by. It’s summer (basically), which means we are constantly on the go and each day goes by faster and faster.

I feel good. The baby is good. The other kids are good. The husband is good. We have this routine down pretty solid. Heartburn plagues my everyday, it’s a struggle to get dressed outside of sweatpants and peaceful sleep at night is beginning to look like a thing of the past. Other than that, no complaints here. He’s active a lot, constantly stretching and making himself comfortable. Then at night cozies himself right on my bladder and stays put until morning. 

30 week belly-0460

I have completed all my big projects and we are almost finished with the baby’s setup in our bedroom. Reid will end up sharing his bedroom eventually but one thing that I have learned with my previous newborns, is that they couldn’t care less about sleeping in a beautiful arranged nursery that you spent so much time setting up. They want to snuggle, and they want to nurse, and with my babies, that’s all they want to do for a looooong time. So it was a no brainer to make our bedroom the sleep spot for this guy until he’s ready to kick it in his own space. I’ll do a post soon to share our sleep setup, because I’m pretty excited about some things we are going to try this go around.

I have my hospital bag packed and the baby’s bag ready to go. I even threw in a toothbrush for you Andy, your welcome. 🙂

While we easily could be counting down the days until his arrival, we are enjoying and soaking in each and every day that we continue to have warm sunny weather and extra time to spend with Reid and Hayden. In no time at all, they are getting curbed and the tiny new guy in town is getting all my affection. At least 90% of it anyway.

Happy weekend!