This week’s random act of kindness was not so random. I had previously bought a $10 coffee card with the intent of obviously doing something with it. I was already grocery shopping at Fred Meyers so Starbucks was right at my finger tips. Easy peasy.


I bounced around ideas on what to do with it all week. It sat in my purse in the meantime, waiting to be used.

Then I decided I would send it to an old friend. It’s so easy to get consumed with our lives and lose contact with people. We move away, or they do. We start our families and have jobs and hobbies that keep us occupied. Days so easily turn into weeks and months and soon you put off calling because you think that a ten minute phone call won’t do justice because you have so much to catch up on. Something that is always appreciated though? A letter. It’s easy. It can be long, short, detailed, or simply to the point. But it shows you care. Your still around. You took the five minutes out of your day to sit down and think about that person you care about. Plus, you can find the cutest little cards just about anywhere.


What I’m about to tell you is so lame, I know this. It’s hung onto me for some reason though. My brother in law and I once had a discussion about communication. Or lack there of, due to social media. We have texting, email, Facebook, Instagram. Even phone calls can sometimes be a thing of the past. But he had a read an article that was an interview with Keanu Reeves. Don’t worry, I’m laughing too. Why I remember something this guy said I’m not sure, he’s sort of a goon. He gets mad props for Point Break though.

Alright, off topic here. He once said in an interview he only communicates via handwritten letters. No phones, no computers. A handwritten letter is personal. It takes real thought and motivation. Actual physical movement, at least to your mailbox anyway.

For some strange reason it always stuck with me. How often do you shorten your sentences when you send an email? Half the time texts don’t even have real words. I swear there is an Emoji for everything. An abbreviation too. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an abbreviation for “What do you want for dinner? I’m really craving stroganoff.” How often do you pick up the phone to call someone and you have a text to respond to or your dog is making the most outrageous face and you totally need to Instagram that shiz. #mydogishilarious

Don’t get me wrong. I do all those things. Ok, not all of them, but you get the point. As much as I can, I try to send mail. We get so much garbage in the mail, it’s refreshing to get a letter. I don’t get to see my niece all that often but we write back and forth and it’s my FAVORITE! She is such a good writer and her personality shines in her writing. It forces you to really stop and think about what you want to say because you might only have room for a few sentences, so you want to make it count.

My request to all of you out there is this. Take a few minutes out of your day and write to someone. A post card, a letter, a short essay if you feel moved to. Write to your mom, your brother, your friend from college, your elementary school teacher. Whoever. I guarantee you will make their day and chances are, it will make yours too.

it was here this whole time

Prepare yourself for a picture less post. *sigh*

For once, I don’t have a fun story or event to write about but just thoughts. So let’s see how well this goes.

I realized today adulthood is very sneaky. It creeps up on you. Just lurking in the distance waiting for the signal to move in. For some of us, it comes early. You start your family at a young age, or you decide early on the career your destined to have, like being a doctor or a scientist. For the others, like me, it just SLOWLY builds. I’ve always been a floater. I graduated high school, barely, not because of academic issues but because I no longer lived at home, and chose to not attend as much as required. That’s a different story though. I didn’t go to college, in fact, I didn’t even apply anywhere. I moved the weekend I graduated to another city, started a new job, met new people and just lived life. I went through many relationships, some serious, some not. Friends came and went. Jobs did the same. I moved all throughout the northwest, never really staying in the same place for longer than a year or two. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any regrets. Our pasts make us who we are.

I eventually got things right. I got pregnant and welcomed into the world a beautiful amazing little girl. I met a wonderful and loving man who I now call my husband. We bought a house, had a dream come true wedding, and are welcoming our second baby soon. Real grown up stuff.

But it wasn’t until this afternoon, during a conversation with my husband, that I realized… I forgot that I’m an adult.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I’ve been an adult for quite some. I turn 29 this year. Which I realize is still very young, but my sister and I have a 10 year gap between us, so when I think about someone turning 30, I feel like it should be her, not me. I’m still supposed to be the 20 year old little sister right?!

Not even close. This all stems from the conversation earlier that Andy and I were having. Hayden had her 3 year well check today, and while she’s right where she needs to be, it motivated us to discuss areas where we can push more. Like having a routine. Which is clearly hard for me to do. I’m all over the place. With a second child coming though, we are really going to have to have some type of schedule. So Hayden is learning all that she should and more, so we all get that needed alone time, and so our soon to be family of four can actually function on a day to day basis successfully.

That’s when it hit me. “I forgot that I’m an adult.” I of course got a strange look from across the table. But’s it absolutely true. Somewhere along the line, I became a mother, a wife, a home maker. I have vivid and fond memories growing up of our routines. I grew up in a religious family so we had several days a week with spiritual obligations. Thursday was usually always bathroom cleaning day. Saturday afternoons were reserved for dreaded yard work. Sunday night was left over night. Laundry was primarily always done on the weekends. As I got older, it became so rare to have a cooked meal on a Friday night. El Sombrero across the street expected our order and always had that extra salsa ready for us. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was still just associating all these things as memories from growing up instead of realizing that it was something that was done in order to make our family life work.

Now it’s my turn. And it’s sooooo scary. I’m probably going to have to write this stuff down, like have an actual schedule of events just so I can remember it all. I just might have to force myself to pick a certain day to do laundry, and not wait until it’s a life form of it’s own, attacking my legs as I go in and out of my bedroom. Part of my life might actually be predictable! Waking up at the same time every day could resurface. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

As a kid, you do all these things to feel like a grown up. You place house, you dress up, pretend to go work or school. I would imagine where I worked and who I would marry. What my kids would be like. Driving a car seemed like the best thing that was ever going to happen to me.

You don’t think as an adult you’ll be doing the opposite. Wishing you could just sleep in and watch movies all day. Not worry about bills or appointments, and literally just run and play all day outside. Eat that giant cheeseburger and fries and not think for a minute that your going to have to spend an extra hour on the treadmill now. I’ve continued to just live each day, not one day being the same. While that’s not a bad thing, it’s also time to step and fully embrace being an adult with a family. For real.

Make budgets and dinner menu’s for the week. Have an actual grocery list for what we need instead of aimlessly wandering the store and throwing in whatever seems good. Doing my laundry start to finish instead of washing and drying 7 loads of laundry and then it lives at the end of my bed for a week. Getting chores done altogether so that I have full days to do crafts and projects instead of doing something fun instead, and the leftovers in my fridge start to grow limbs and fur. I’m really selling myself here on all my spectacular qualities. Good thing I’m already married. Sheesh.

I’m totally open to suggestions here people, especially to those peeps with little people at home. ESPECIALLY those peeps with heeps of little people at home, I know you guys have the good stuff when it comes to routines. Wish me luck with my new venture here, and for all those who have yet to have your awakening. You might not know when but it’s coming….

a birthday story

Hayden OFFICIALLY turned 3 today. We already had a party for her and she has yet another party this weekend, so we’ve been in the spirit all month. But today is the real deal. Three years ago this 8 pound beautiful girl came into our lives.

baby hayd

I couldn’t believe how perfect she was.

My water broke after I had gotten off work that Saturday morning and I was packing boxes out to my car. My now sister in law and I were moving into a bigger place. I was already feeling tired and worn out, and now super annoyed that I had peed my pants. Until I realized that it might have actually been something important, like my water. Awesome.

A quick phone call later and we were throwing everything out of my car into the driveway and rushing to the hospital. 35 hours later, Hayden Evelee entered the world. 35 hours of labor seems like a horror but actually most of that involved sitting on an exercise ball watching the Food Network channel. Plus, once I got my epidural I was one happy camper. So happy that I’m somewhat looking forward to delivering baby #2 so I can get another dose of those spectacular meds. How sad I sound.

Anyway, back to the story. I only had about an hour and a half of hard labor and she arrived. Without a peep. She just laid there and wiggled. Wiggled and snuggled. Did I mention that she was perfect? Just look at her.


Then just like that, three years flew by. All those sleepless nights, late night feedings, shirts ruined by throw up, tantrums and moments of utter frustration, have all been worth it. She’s still my perfect little person. Alright, I say perfect reeeeally loosely. She is still a toddler.

She has the funniest laugh. It’s almost forced because it’s so loud and dorky. She loves blueberries, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes ( or tom banidos as she refers to them), spaghetti and pepperoni pizza, pancakes and cottage cheese.

She’s so independent and willing to do anything on her own, if you’ll let her. She jumps in every puddle she comes across, and if it were up to her, would wear her pink princess dress and fairy wings every day. Seriously.

According to her, Curious George rules the world. She’s extremely picky with the radio, she will ask to change the station 20 times just so she can find the very right song for the moment. Then ask me to dance for her.

Every morning and after every nap, she gets up and comes to find Andy or I to tell us good morning. She will pretend to be a puppy for hours. Barking and panting. It’s to the point now, she will bring us things in her mouth and ask to play fetch. We might need to get her a real dog soon.

Her newest kick is Hide N Seek. Which our version goes like this..

“Mom, hide me. And count to 10.”

“Alright. 1.2.3….”

Inevitably, she’s always in the linen closet or under a blanket.

“Alright, Hayd, now you count and I’ll hide.”

“Ok. 1. 10. I’m coming!”

I’ve only managed to run down the hall and jump behind the couch before she’s after me. It needs some work, we’re getting there.

She’s smart and clever. Extremely sassy. She wants to play with the boys and dress like the girls. She’s sweet and sensitive. Funny and silly.

And she’s growing up entirely way to fast. Happy birthday to my favorite girl.


number 2





last one


Week three had by chance a holiday in it. Valentine’s day. This holiday has never been my favorite. But since having a little one at home it’s definitely become a lot more exciting. I decided we would make some goodies and some Valentines for our loved ones and while I was at it, would do something for Project 52. Hayden and I worked all afternoon making cookies and dabbling in purple glitter.

cookie plate

We made several plates of these and got them set up for delivery on the big day. Hayden had discovered her beach bucket earlier and was set on heading to the beach that day. When I explained that we couldn’t go, she decided to prove to me later when I was in the shower, that she could still find a use for her beach bucket. To demolish our valentines. accident

We salvaged what we could. A little purple glitter on your cookie never killed anyone. I hope.

I picked up these darling blank Valentines from Target and used a few for Hayden’s friends and opted to use the rest for my project.


My plan was to write a lovely message on them and leave them on an unsuspecting person’s car. Not everyone had a Valentine on Friday. Mine unfortunately was at work himself. Even for those that had a loved one to be with though, an unexpected caring note can brighten your day. Here’s what I came with:


Something simple. It took me not even 10 minutes to write out the cards and have them sealed and ready to go. Now to decide where to go to deliver them. I jogged around a few ideas in my head and decided that Sacred Heart church would be my winner. There was a 9 am mass and I was headed to an early morning class at the gym that day so it would be perfect timing for me to do my drop beforehand. Although I myself am not Catholic, majority of my in laws are, so it was something close to home. I figured someone headed to morning mass was looking for renewal and a fresh start to their day. It seemed like the best place that a kind note from a stranger would be appreciated.

I arrived at their parking lot about 5 minutes before mass started. I pulled behind a group of cars and rushed out in the wind to attempt sliding the cards against their windows. A few got the ‘under the windshield wiper’ trick. I made my delivery and made it to my class with minutes to spare.

Although I’ll never know the outcome of my Valentines Day mission, my hope is that it showed some love to someone who perhaps didn’t have any that day, or help remind someone else to spread kindness around to others.

Hope you all experienced a day filled with happiness, love and many wonderful blessings. Happy Belated Valentines Day.

a young artist’s showcase

Our weekend proved to be pretty busy. By Sunday we were ready for a little wind down. Some chores and laundry filled up most of the day, and continuous coverage of the Olympics took up the background noise.

As usual, the princess was at work perfecting her outfit. blk

In my efforts for the blog to better document our daily lives, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a photo op. My model got shy on me though.


What she insisted on, was that she be the photographer. In the last few months, she’s actually gotten quite good at taking pictures. We still have the occasional overload of surprise selfies we find from her, but she’s finally gotten the hang of pointing and shooting for a pretty accurate picture. A bit blurry but hey, she’s still a beginner. We have a small digital camera that is our usual go to, so I showed her how to hold the button long enough to take a photo and let her go on her way.


We edited them together and decided that black and white really highlighted the artistic feel she was going for, at least that’s what I gathered from “Mom, I want this one.” But I simply gave her the camera and let her do her thing. She seemed really intent on showing the world our kitchen. Her pictures I find hilarious, plus it’s what it’s like to only see things from below the counter top. I mean I’m short, but not that short.




The infamous tub of licorice. She took 5 photos of it. It apparently was good subject matter. I chose the best one of the bunch. Don’t be alarmed that we keep the snacks by the knives. She usually stays out of them. Usually…

red vine



I apparently really need to wipe down the side of my fridge. Eeww.


This last one is by far my favorite. She got these Cinderella shoes for her birthday and LOVES them, she’s constantly in them. Let me tell you, this girl is AMAZING in heels. She does things in them most grown woman would struggle to do . She runs, like full on I’m running for my life run, without tripping. She jumps and plays in them and they stay on. She climbs the counters in them. Dances in them. It’s incredible. She can do this in my heels as well, ones that obviously don’t even fit her and give her an 5 extra inches to fall on her face. Her aunt April would be proud.


Hayden might be a budding photographer. Perhaps a model. Professional rock climber ( is that even a thing?). Chef. Actress. The verdict is still out. To check out someone that actually knows what they’re doing, you should follow my brother in laws collection. They are our ultimate faves.

He’s a pretty good writer also. There’s potential for sure. See for yourself my friends.



This week’s act of kindness was another foodie. A close friend of mine, my 28 year old friend to be exact, suffered from a small stroke at Christmas. She was hospitalized for close to 48 hours and thankfully walked away with limited paralysis. There is a whole lot of medical garble that I have no idea what any of it means, but basically she had a current medical condition that had been misdiagnosed for the last couple of years and when she started a new birth control it caused a serge of hormones that flared the condition that had gone undiagnosed. The result of that was a blood clot in her brain. Extremely scary stuff. She’s young, she’s active, she eats healthy, she’s a busy mom to a six year old and a one year. Simply put, she’s just like the rest of us.

She is a fighter though. She’s strong and resilient and looking at her current lifestyle you would never think she has any set backs. They are hidden well. She unfortunately though suffers from severe migraines caused by new medications, extreme fatigue, she is going through speech and physical therapy, and just informed me they are wanting to start her on a medication is basically chemo therapy.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, her husband works with mine, and is required at times to be out of town. Being the lone parent can be a struggle enough, without any medical complications. I remembered she had mentioned cooking was hard for her since part of her paralysis affected her dominant hand. Even if cooking isn’t hard for someone, freezer dinners can be SO helpful. It takes a load off for any mom, that dinner is already ready to go and you get to focus on something else for that hour or so you would normally be prepping. So I prepared a couple of my family’s favorite recipes, Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and Lasagna.


I prepped and wrapped them so they would be freezer ready with instructions on top. It took me an hour tops to prep them. It was simple and easy for me, yet will be helpful for someone that I care about. Whether it’s a stranger that’s receiving your kindness, or someone you know, it’s a good reminder that most of the time, it’s the little things that count.

a tiny party for a tiny girl

Hayden turns three this month. It’s bittersweet. I truly love this age right now. She’s so much fun. She’s just old enough to be funny and smart and is really becoming her own unique little human, yet still at that age where everything is new and exciting and she’s a sponge.

Due to everyone’s changing work schedule we only had a couple dates to choose from to throw Hayden a birthday bash. We opted to have 2 tiny parties. One on the 1st, with family. And one on the 22nd, with all her fun tiny friends.

So this last weekend we celebrated with party #1. It started with lots of adorable decorations. Like banners and the smallest cutest tissue balls.




You always need balloons. Especially polka dot ones.



The candy bracelets definitely needed to be guarded by the ponies.


A birthday cake with George monkey and of course, a delicious juice bar.



Uh, pin the tail on the zebra? Yes please!


We needed more things to do. Like fun photo props and a dress up station.



Dress? Check. Heels? Check. Hat? Check. The party girl was ready to go.

dress up

Party # 1 was a success. Hayden opened all her wonderful gifts from everyone, we stuffed ourselves with food and cake and all took part playing dress up.





There was a very Lion King moment with the Curious George cup.





I am grateful to everyone who contributed, and helped make her celebration a success. We all laughed and smiled, giggled and played. It was a perfect way to help a little girl feel like a real princess for a day.



I intended on posting this last night so it was at least in the same week, but that obviously didn’t happen. So pretend you read this last night and you won’t be reading 52:1 and 52:2 in the same week.

I completed my random act of kindness on Friday. My husband’s schedule requires him to work out of town from time to time. Come the day before he is flying home, I’m scrambling to get everything done that I procrastinated about and didn’t finish in the time I had while he was gone. This last Thursday was no different. I had 5 loads of laundry to finish. Two bathrooms to clean. Sheets to wash and put back on the bed. Vacuuming and sweeping. The jeep was in desperate need of a clean up. Book club was on Saturday and I was co hosting, yet we had made previous plans, so I wasn’t attending. I was still in charge of the goodie bags, so of course, those needed to be finished as well to be delivered Friday morning. All of this and more needed to be done, all before gym class at 6 pm.

When I got up though and thought of everything I needed to get done, I got an idea for my first act of kindness. My post office. We live in a newer sub division and don’t have individual mailboxes yet. In fact, since most of Alaska is so spread out, most areas in town have cluster boxes anyway. That option isn’t available to us yet, so we had to get a PO Box. Luckily, our post office is less than a mile from our house and is a smaller version of the madness that is the main post office downtown.

The staff is fantastic. There are 3 regulars that work there, and few here and there that assist. They are always friendly and ask about your day. They remember my name. For a while, I CONSTANTLY lost my box key, yet they never complained when I had to ask for the 158th time that week for them to grab my mail because I didn’t have my key. They stay open until six, an hour later than the main branch, and on numerous occasions have stayed late to give people their packages, including yours truly.

I wanted to do something nice and let them know they are appreciated. You know what says that all at once? Cookies! Delicious, chocolatey, squishy, best ever cookies!


For most of us, whipping up a batch of cookies isn’t hard. I was able to do this, all while getting my chores done, and throwing together a cute little box. I even got to use my sweet new alphabet stamp kit. Something I totally needed, duh.

cookie box

I threw together this little gift box, and even got all my list of things done. I had to leave to pick up Andy from the airport Friday morning, so I planned my delivery for then. I luckily had a slip in my box for a package, so I had an excuse to stand in line other than being the cookie lady. I handed the worker my slip, and handed him his cookies. His face lit up and he gave me a very genuine thank you. I explained that we always appreciate getting our mail on time, and the little things they do to provide great service. He thanked me again, and said he really appreciated the gift.

Mission accomplished.

As I left the post office, I thought, whether he eats them all, shares with the others, or even dumps them in the trash (food from strangers can be iffy, I’ll admit), it felt really good to know that even for just a few minutes I had made someone else’s day a little better.

For those of you that want to share in that joy of the best cookie ever, here you go:

2 1/4 cup flour

1 1/2 tsp cornstarch (the secret to the BEST part)

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup butter, melted

1/2 cup white sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 egg + 1 egg yolk

2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking soda

1 cup chocolate chips ( I like to use Ghiradelli brand milk and white choc)

Mix all your ingredients like your supposed to. You know, liquids together, dry together, then mix the two, yada yada yada.

Here’s the kicker. Chill your dough for at LEAST two hours, up to 3 days. When ready, preheat your oven to 325 degrees and pull your dough to sit at room temperature for about 10 mins. Drop rounded spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet. I’ve found what works best is to form balls and squish flat a little before placing on sheet. Bake for 11-12 mins. NO MORE! I do mine at exactly 11 minutes and do my best to get them off the sheet asap, without destroying them in the process. They will look undercooked, which is what you want. They will be the perfect amount of a crispy bottom and a squishy inside.