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 For those of you that follow me on social media, this is old news.  Just in case though, here’s the rundown of what’s happening with the newest babe.

If you would have asked Hayden, she would have told you that she was getting a brother. Anyone else however, their money was on a girl. Even Andy, and he was pretty convincing. When you are pregnant, there are a few questions you get asked a lot.

“How are you feeling?”

“Do you think you know what you’re having?”

“Are you getting excited??”

That last one gets me. I totally find myself asking the same thing to an expecting mother at times. I’ve yet to meet a person who answers no, but perhaps I should sometime, to mix things up.

  • I’m feeling good. I’m tired more than usual (I mostly blame the weather. I’m beginning to think that the snow is here to stay all year) and have been fairly sick with this one. Generally though, I’ve been very fortunate to have an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy and I’m very thankful for that.
  • I was down the middle with this gender reveal. I was asked quite often which pregnancy this one is more like, and the answer is Hayden. This pregnancy’s sickness is comparable to Hayden and I carried her fairly high. This guy has been incredibly active already and has maintained a much faster heartbeat than Reid. All the old wives tales would tell you that means it’s a girl. The beauty in life is that nothing is certain, so it was a pleasant surprise in our house when we revealed that we were adding another boy to the crew. I didn’t have strong feelings one way or the other about what we were having, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t always rummage through the girl stuff first whenever we did any baby shopping.
  • Am I excited to have a newborn again? To revisit the days of constant late night feedings, endless days with no sleep, changing hormones and moments of uncertainty because this sweet and squishy being won’t stop crying? Not exactly. If I’m honest, those first few months make me very anxious, and I believe they would no matter how many kids we had. But I am VERY excited to wear regular pants, not have my bladder squished all day long and not be constantly nauseous. All those exhausting and hard days are remedied with the soft snuggles of a new baby that smells so incredible and those rough moments go by quickly. I’m excited to be able to drink wine with dinner again and not have heartburn every night. And I can’t wait to bring this little guy home and welcome him into our crazy household with siblings that are eager to help out their new sibling. He’s already so incredibly loved and is going to fit right in.

We’ve got 17 weeks left before he arrives, no we don’t have a name yet and all my bets are on this being our last one. That should about cover everything. 🙂

Until the next update..


saturday vibes (crank the volume)

Mixed tapes are a dying art in my opinion. No matter the trends or the popularity of something, there are some things you should hold onto. For me that’s playlists. You better believe that I used to sit in my bedroom over and over and wait for that certain song to come on the radio so I could hit record. My friends and I would call in requests and celebrate when our picks were played. That evolved into burning cd’s, or compacts discs, those round things that annoyingly get scratched all the time, and soon my collection grew. I saved money and secretly bought music that my parents forbid (I mean who didn’t do that) and hid them in my room to listen to when they weren’t around. I rode out the wave of mp3s, Napster, and any other free download program that popped up. You wouldn’t believe how many places you can get massive playlists from. BIRP still might be my favorite though, and an awesome place to check out all sorts of new stuff. And FYI, this site doesn’t require you to download anything or have any special program for it.  I crashed a few computers and resulted to making giant lists of songs (literally notebooks) for my friend to make cd’s for me. Shout out to Adam to indulging in all my requests. 😉

Fast forward to the world of satellite radio and bluetooth, Pandora, Spotify, Itunes, Shazaam (I really heart Shazaam) and the all the hipsters with their record collections. I’ll admit though, I’m a fan of vinyl myself as well. There are countless forms of music trends so much so that I can’t even keep up, nor do I really care to. Making a sweeping turn back to where I was going with this…. Anyone that is friends with me has gotten a cd from me at some point. I’ll continue to do that whether or not it’s cool or people like it. Side story, I made a couple cd’s that went in a wedding present and the groom told my husband he threw them out the window. HA! Who doesn’t love a road trip kit?! Some people just don’t know how good they have it. Your welcome to whoever found it on the road and probably played it, because I’m sure you thought it was awesome.

Here’s my Saturday session that’s on today. Happy weekend friends!


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