a day with a lakeview

We have been having some amazing spring days lately. The snow in our yard is completely melted and little bits of green are starting to pop up everywhere. We’ve been doing our best to work hard and get our yard summer ready. The warm spring air makes yard chores a whole lot more enjoyable. But sometimes you need to give yourself a break and just enjoy the fresh air. Which is exactly what we did yesterday.

It was sunny in the morning so we opted for a quick bike down to the park that’s below our house.


tire swing


Andy helped out and did a little spring clean up.


And then attempted to cheat on the ride back home. He let go though and toughed out the upcoming brutal hill with his pregnant wife. Such love.


We got back home, ditched the bikes and loaded up the crew to head up to Eklutna Lake for a hike. In the short distance to the trail head, our sunny weather abandoned us. The scenery was just so gorgeous though we all agreed, the spring showers and cold breeze would be well worth continuing on.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



 The lake is glacier fed and really is that bright blue. It’s amazing.




On top of the driftwood that Andy packed out for me, such a sweetheart, he managed to find some treasures of his own. A few classic pop cans to add to his collection.


Hayden had the hook up of the day. With blankets and snacks in her ride, even a bear stick to boot.


The rest of us used what God gave us.




The trail goes 13 miles back ending at the mouth of the glacier. Our crew wasn’t quite prepared for that, myself included. Another day perhaps. We made it several miles in, enjoyed the views and company, then made our way back to the truck. Spring seems to really suit this bunch.

family pic

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