what’s in my….


All the cool kids are doing it. Ok, not really, but the majority of my favorite bloggers have covered this topic at least once (they usually have really cute and fancy stuff though, unlike me). After a trip to the grocery store today, and after being attacked by a parade of garbage , I decided my purse needed purging. So let’s take a glimpse into this abyss known as my handbag.

Alright, so here’s what I’m packing around these days.


I love a good vintage bag. I found this treasure at a local thrift store, for $8! Right up my alley. I change bags like I change my underwear, every few days. Ha. Just kidding guys. But I really do change out bags at least once a week so I never spend more than $20 on one. On to the innards.

First up, the usual.

first set

1. Target wallet

2. Thrift store sunnies. I’m ruthless on sunglasses, so spending $5 is a must.

3. Lip coverage for every occasion.

4. Keys, duh. I enjoy that I have two house keys on there.

5. Random change. The great part? I had no idea I even had that. The quarters would have really come in handy at Old Navy today when Hayden asked 74,000 times for a bouncy ball out of the machine.

second set

6. A sweet nail file combo I got from my gym.

7. Measurements for curtains and a high chair cushion. I’m a bit of a project dreamer. I feel like I have a lot of good plans and ideas, it just takes me a while to complete them. Case in point, I’ve had this note in my purse for a couple weeks and haven’t even looked at fabric yet. I’ll get there.

8. A card for my next prenatal checkup. What’s awesome is what the back says. Tues- 11 am- May. I suppose I get 4 guesses on that one.

9.  Doc McStuffins leap pad cartridge

10. Tiossan hand crème. I got this sample in my Birchbox a few months ago, and love it!

11. Bath and Body Works lotion, Sweet Pea. It’s not fancy, but it’s always been my favorite.

Now we’re getting into the good stuff.

third set

12. Reese’s Minis. I need these for medical purposes alright. A pregnant lady needs to keep her blood sugar levels balanced.

13. Feather earrings.

14. Fabric coffee sleeve. I made a bunch of these for the members of my book club and had a few extras, so of course I kept one for myself. So easy to make, and then your triple shot white chocolate mocha is uber cool and fashionable.

15. A pair of Hayden’s dirty socks. I can’t even remember when she wore these. Or why they are in my purse. Don’t worry, they are no longer in my purse. They’re on the counter now.

16. Berry Tums. Remember those Reese’s I need to regulate my blood sugar level? Well after leveling it out, I get heartburn. *sigh*

17. A tiny yellow fork. This would be the work of the three year old. But hey, you never know when you will run into an unattended meatball that needs eaten, so really she’s doing me a favor.

18. Princess hair tie. I’ve had to use these on occasion. I’m not to proud.


The culprit. This paper monster is what attacked me today. It’s now long gone. Give it a few more days though….

There you have it people. Except my chocolate stash was hijacked. She’s lucky she’s cute.


One thought on “what’s in my….

  1. I change purses like crazy too. I love colors, bright colors. I have pinks, yellows, purples, reds, blues, etc. Purses and shoes are totally my favorite accessories (well, watches lately too, but mostly purses and shoes). I won’t mention the amount of shoes I have…but since we are talking about purses, I’ll share what is in mine. In my bag, I have my phone, glasses, wallet (crap that reminds me that I left my DL in Shawn’s car), mints, make up, keys, dental floss, receipts, calendar (that I forget to use), Tylenol, nail polish, a watch, and hand lotion (Birchbox sample). 🙂

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