I have nine weeks left. Nine, people! The countdown has begun. Well, it’s been going on for a while but I’m on the last stretch. In the last several weeks we’ve been doing the finishing touches on getting the babe’s room ready for him.

We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home. We decided that when baby number two came into the picture, whether it was a boy or girl, Hayden would share her room. We have the spare bedroom set up for guests and it also serves as my craft space. My sewing and art projects can be started and left unfinished, and I can simply close the door and little hands stay off of them. It might be a bit selfish, but I’m not ready to give that up. And also, I don’t want have to pick up a household and two children’s demolished bedrooms, one will suffice. My husband has a lot more siblings than I do so he grew up where most of them all shared a bedroom at some point with a sibling or three. I read many articles regarding opposite sex siblings sharing a room. I feel like the pros far outweigh the cons, in fact most of the articles only had a few cons, and they didn’t arise until the children were older.

 Sharing a room will help Hayden bond with her brother and hopefully help her transition out of that “only child” phase, we have to really work with her on sharing lately. That being said, we needed to make some changes to her room currently. Andy added some shelves in the closet and I found a small two drawer dresser that fit perfectly in there for all the little man’s clothes. We painted Hayden’s room last summer and went with a grey blue color so it made redecorating the room a whole lot easier.  I started with the curtains. Originally the room had dark purple curtains and I sewed a pair of curtains out of a white cotton fabric with light blue polka dots. Works for a boy or a girl, or both in this case.


I was very fortunate that with Hayden I was given most of my baby furniture. Crib, changing table, dressers..

We pulled out the crib from storage and decided to give it a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up. White seemed like a good choice.


Turns out that crib sheets are easy to make. When you follow directions. My first run at it was disastrous. I loaded up on fabric and elastic to make baby boy a collection of his own.


Fat quarters pieced together make adorable and easy peasy receiving blankets.


Hayden has her fair share of princess garb but when I redecorated her room, I didn’t want it super girly. I found some really great prints to help add a boyish tone but keep it, key word here, neutral.


That animal shadow box was made by my favorite lady and I just love it! The other prints are inexpensive downloads from Etsy. Just purchase, download and print, all from the comfort of my couch.


A shop called UrbanWalls had this fantastic alphabet print along with decals we are going to use on the wall behind the crib.


There is a shop on Instagram called Yarn_Bombed_Antlers. If you haven’t seen it, check them out, this lady is so stellar! Andy is an outdoorsy man, and has a collection of antlers. I did my own version of yarn bombing a pair of antlers from Andy’s childhood. A good mixture of both of our tastes.


For Hayden’s second birthday, Andy made her a toy chest. I swapped out pink blankets and pillows for grey, which I think is a perfect shade to create a, here we go again, neutral space.


Throw in some mini Dr. Seuss books, automobiles and dinosaurs and your set.


I’m sure we’ll soon acquire a collection of army men, Spiderman action heroes and Legos, but for now we have a good start of toys for the little man to crawl and chew on.


I’ll be honest. Decorating for a girl is a lot easier. I procrastinated for a bit with this project because I wasn’t quite sure how to get into “boy” mode. It turned out to be really fun though. I don’t get to wander into the boy section very often so it’s been an exciting transition.

Moving onto diaper bags. I have amazing friends and family who buy me the best bags in the world.


My fashionably fabulous friend Jennifer bought me the Kate Spade bag, which is a perfect blend of diaper bag, weekender bag, and snazzy oversize purse. I love that it’s easy to wipe down, god knows babies manage to get their fluids EVERYWHERE. And once it serves it’s purpose as a diaper bag, it still can be a staple with your wardrobe. Now, onto the Kelly Moore bag. It’s so GORGEOUS, I can’t even stand it. This bag is the A Beautiful Mess edition. I tried so desperately to win one on Instagram since Elsie and Emma of AMB blog are amazing. That obviously didn’t pan out but to my surprise, my ever so thoughtful SIL’s got it for me. *singing praises right now* Just look at the inside of this beauty. inside

What I love about both of them is these handy little diaper pads. Inevitably your baby needs their diaper changed in the worst places.


I’m ever so slowly starting to get packed for the party. Newborn diapers and clothes have got to be the cutest things ever. They are just so precious and TINY! Especially incredibly small and adorable moccasins.


We’ve got a handle on the décor now if I can only figure out how to better manage this killer heartburn…

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