We did a bit of spring cleaning around here. By spring cleaning I mean that I was running out of drawer space and empty hangers, so decided we needed to do some purging. Andy was skeptical at first so I made it easy. I pulled out the clothing in his closet that in the last 3 years I’ve NEVER seen him wear and he got to take a vote. If it was yes to keeping it, I made him try it on. Which is what I have to do. It’s a harsh reality. What I’ve learned is that 10 times out of 10 I don’t ever fit back into it. I tell myself I’ve just gained more muscle, I’m getting stronger people, not gaining weight over the years.

Anyway, we did some much needed closet cleaning and instead of just making a quick pit stop at the local thrift store, I looked into a nearby donation center.

Frontline Mission

I also went through our cupboards and filled a few grocery bags for a food donation as well. That giant box of Maple Sugar oatmeal has been staring me down for quite some time, it might as well go to use rather than just taking up space. Make room for that delicious sugary Peaches & Cream kind.

food drive

(don’t worry, this wasn’t the whole selection)

It’s easy to take meals and clothing for granted. We sometimes get caught up that we need to have that new cute summer dress, even though there are 6 similar ones hanging in the closet. I am the queen of not eating leftovers and they inevitably just grow into a creature and have to be thrown away. I really admire the people who can live completely simple. Happiness with just necessities. I won’t lie. I love shoes, and $5 iced coffees. I have a major weakness for bargains because, of course, I have a real need for that ink and stamp kit. It’s only $7.99!

Frontline Mission helps with all needs. Hot meals are available three days a week. They have a food pantry that distributes groceries every Friday morning. They also have a great program called Frontline Closet that has donated clothing for men, woman and children available, along with small household items.

So perhaps the next time you do some cleaning for yourself, you can look for a local donation center and give back to those that need a little help right now. As their website states, hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

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