We’ve been fortunate in the last few years in that Andy’s work schedule has him home for most of the holidays. This year though means he’ll miss out on trick or treating with us, so we decided to have a Halloween party.
Growing up my siblings and I didn’t celebrate holidays. This might seem outrageous to some of you, but we never lacked for things and have cherished memories of so many things other than what we would have gotten for Christmas or birthdays.
I celebrate holidays with my children now, but Andy and I share the common thought that holidays should have more than a materialistic meaning. It’s a time to give back and make it special for not just ourselves. I hope that when my children grow up, they have beautiful memories of the times we shared together and not just that they got a 14 lb chocolate bar from the kook down the street.
Halloween is fun because you get to dress up and you get oogles of candy. But it’s also a great reason to have a party. To gather your friends and family and spend time together. For me, that also means lots of good food and of course prizes! Duh.
I have a tendency to get a bit of anxiety and always want things to be perfect. I stress a bit and think everything has to be in exact order. Then it’s the little things that melt those stressful moments away. Like the smiles of our guests and the giggles of all the little kids. The laughter I can hear from inside the house and the glow in the dark tag session all the nieces started. Tiny people in adorable costumes and the smell of pumpkins that still lingers even the day after we carved.





It had snowed the night before so we opted to set things up in the shop. Cans of paint and tools on the wall make the decor even better in my opinion.

Chilly hayrides were remedied with a toasty fire and lots of hot chocolate.



Pumpkins were carved and lit and the neighbor boy made for a delightful edition to our Halloween decor.






The party died down long after the chili was gone and once the fire was just warm glowing embers.
Last nights marshmallows went in Hayden’s cereal this morning and straw scattered the yard and porch.
Not only are the pumpkins now warm from the morning sun, but so is my heart thinking of all the wonderful people in my life that I get to share this life with.


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