arctic life: november

Last year Thanksgiving was a whole lot of turkey and a whole lot of sledding. While we could easily be looking at the same scenario for this year, this week’s almost 50 degree weather is a pleasant surprise. Instead of being rushed into winter it actually still seems like fall around here.

Lakes and creeks are mostly frozen over but the greenery around still hangs on for a last stretch before snowfall.


While most of my plants are past their prime, a few stragglers soak up what sunshine they can before the days start getting short.


Flower beds that were once full of blooms are now just hidden with a blanket of leaves. I tell myself I’m “winterizing” them but really I’m just lazy and will just clean them out this spring.


In a matter of a few short weeks, summer turns to fall and soon snow is laying at your doorstep. With the orange and red scenery still hanging on and the golden morning sun filling up my front porch, it seems the autumn season is here to stay for a just a little while longer.




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