arctic life: january

Winter wonderland takes on a whole new meaning come January in Alaska. It’s been a fairly warm winter and pretty snowless. It’s currently a land of ice. Everything sparkles and glistens, so even though it’s 4 degrees outside, it’s beautiful and a sight to see.



During the course of the last few months, we’ve only gotten 1 or 2 big snowfalls. Then it got warm. Like really warm. 45 degrees for days in a row, which is basically a tropical heat wave for Alaska. So most of it melted, and then it rained, and froze. Ew. It’s now a crunch fest.



The next picture makes me so happy though. Frozen still green grass. It makes me think of summer and the smell of fresh cut lawn and I imagine my littles playing outside while Andy barbecues and I drink a margarita. Oh heaven…


There are some parts of the state that literally get no sun for a month. Like at all. Um, no thank you! While we don’t experience that, we have a period of time on which the sun never really rises. I’m sure there is an actual term for it which I could google, but I’m lazy. So this is what it looked like at 11, about an hour after sunrise.


Aaand about an hour and a half later. The sun is still in the tree line, where it will stay until sunset, around 4.


So what do you do when you can’t be out building snowmen because “UGH! It’s to CRUNCHY!” ??

You play with tiny ponies and dinosaurs.


We try really hard to reach that blue elephant.


Plus wait patiently for our homemade english muffins to finish baking.


Our days will continue to be filled with toys, baking and staying warm inside until spring makes it’s long awaited appearance. And I don’t have a whole of complaints about that.

One thought on “arctic life: january

  1. I love English muffins! Yes, I am aware that your post was not about English muffins, but I can’t help that they stood out. I once again forgot my lunch at home, so as I am reading your blogs and responding to them, I see all these food pictures and I seriously can’t wait to get home and make dinner. I love to cook and try new things, so I may have to add homemade English muffins to my breakfast for dinner menu this week! Tonight is apple chicken sausage vegetable pasta drizzled with Chili spiced olive oil and I only have to wait 4 hours. 🙂

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