I’m thankful for….

healthy babies

I am very fortunate that I have had the joy of two easy uncomplicated deliveries and two healthy happy babies to take home.



It’s something that can easily to be taken for granted. You don’t have to be religious or believe in God, but can understand that as women, our bodies were created for certain things. Like growing and pushing tiny humans from our bodies. For some, it’s not that easy. We all have struggles. I had natural child birth with both of my littles. By natural I mean that I ABSOLUTELY had drugs. I breast fed Hayden for a year with a few hiccups, and still continue to exclusively breast feed Reid, with some struggles along the way as well. It does not make us any less of a mother to use formula, to have had a C section, to adopt or to have to go to powers beyond our means to have a family. I have ones close to me that have had really hard deliveries. That are unable to conceive naturally. That have gone back to work, or choose having a family over having a career. All of them are beautiful, strong, amazing women. Motherhood is hard. It’s exhausting, on all levels, and on some days, brings me to tears. So for those families that have children with health issues, my heart goes out to them. They have a strength I could never imagine possessing. And on those days I feel beaten and wore down and decide I need to throw myself a pity party, I’ll remind myself that I’m truly blessed to wake up to see these two shining faces, happy and healthy, and ready to face the world with me.


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