I’m thankful for….

simple celebrations


Hayden turns four today. Due to Andy’s work schedule we actually had her party with all her tiny friends a couple of weeks ago. She had a gymnastics party where they all got to run wild and jump in foam pits. Go down a giant blow up slide and jump their hearts out on tiny trampolines. All the while filling up on popcorn, cotton candy and cupcakes. It was fun, and hectic and a jam packed day.
So today we took it down a notch. We ate cupcakes for breakfast. Because, well, we can. You only turn four once.


We filled up lots of balloons and played all morning.


Even the tiniest of us enjoyed them. (no worries, all balloon activity was supervised)


Since today is all about her, Hayden picked out whatever she wanted to wear. She couldn’t quite decide on one look.


Her favorite cousins are coming over for a sleepover so I gathered up supplies for pizza and popcorn to go with our movies.


And while we wait for our party guests, Hayden is starting on her thank you cards for the gifts she already got. These are the cutest cards ever.




Big parties are exciting and memorable. But sometimes it’s the sweet and simple celebrations that take the cake.

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