I’m thankful for….

daytime dates 

Andy and I try our best to make time for each other and enjoy some space away from the kids. Even if it’s something simple like drinks and a movie. A few hours away from whining and crying. Spilled snacks and a messy house. Some peace and quiet or actual adult conversation. With Andy’s crazy work schedule this winter we have barely played in the snow, and have had two pairs of brand new snow shoes just calling our names.

My sister in law was sweet enough to  agree to wrangle the chiclets for an afternoon and we headed to the mountains for fresh air and a lunch date.

The sunshine decided it didn’t want to come out but the views didn’t disappoint.

The higher we climbed, the crisper the air got and the truck got smaller and smaller.

We made it up as far as we decided was best and set up lunch and enjoyed beer as it was intended to be drank.

We soaked in the peace and quiet and enjoyed the simplicity of each other’s company. Once our buns were cold enough we made the trek back down.

We made it home to our favorite little ones and paid our babysitter with a steak dinner. I mean you can never go wrong with a good slab of beef.

Nights we wear fancy threads and hit the town are always a time well spent. Days like this though, when we can disconnect from life and just reset together, are just what we all need sometimes.

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