arctic life: march

The joke is on me today since I procrastinated long enough to completely miss doing this post in March. Just pretend your reading this yesterday..

Spring is here. Officially here.


The mountain tops are still cloaked in snow but we only have small scattered piles at home. The days are getting longer and warmer.


Green life is popping up all throughout the yard.



We’ve begun to clean out flower beds and rake up wind blown leaves and branches that accumulated over the winter. The sunshine warms the entire house and afternoons spent outside are where it’s at. Especially for this lady. Who as you can tell, is transitioning to the warmer weather well.


Spring means cool breezes fill the house, and the extra vitamin D intake makes all of us around here that much happier. Long winters really take a toll on most of us.




Reid is my early bird, so like clockwork he’s up and at it come 7 am each and every day. But when we make our way out to the living room the sunrise already fills the room and when we go to bed at night, dusk still lights the bedrooms. Being light outside when you go to bed at night might seem strange but I gladly welcome it this time of year. It means summer is right around the corner and even longer days to come. Here’s a fun fact for you. Once we reach spring equinox, the days get longer at a rate that would equal the equivalent of us having daylight savings every two weeks!


I snapped this grainy picture from our bedroom window last night to give you an idea. This was taken at 9:30 at night.

In a short matter of time, I’ll be smelling fresh cut grass and watching the neighborhood kids play until all hours of the lit up night. I simply can’t wait.

On that note, I’ll leave you with another glimpse of all that our Alaska life has to offer. A beauty all it’s own.




3 thoughts on “arctic life: march

  1. I love reading your blog. Hayden is quite the cool dresser lol. Beautiful pics as well. I hope someday I can experience the beauty there!

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