they call her amy louise

One of my favorite people has a birthday on Thursday. And to kick off her birthday week, we celebrated her last night with a surprise dinner.




We made her favorite foods and of course had tasty cocktails along with it.



To top it all off, was the best birthday cake EVER. Anyone that knows Amy, knows that her favorite meal is shake and bake pork chops, with mashed potatoes and corn. My other sister in law, Veronica, is a baking genius and made her a birthday cake that was out of this world. Seriously.


I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious it was, too. Chocolate and butter cream and peanut butter cookies. Oh heavens.

Amy is my sister in law now. But first and foremost, she is my friend. She’s honest and humble. I don’t expect anything less what’s true and real when I’m with her and her strong will makes her a force to reckon with.

She strives to be nothing less than exactly who she is supposed to be, and that is a quality I respect and admire. Kind and thoughtful, hilarious and blunt are only a few of the things I love about her. In the few years that we have been close, she has been a loyal friend, a loving aunt to my children and nothing short of supportive of anything life has brought to us.

She is a strong and beautiful mother and I can only hope that our babies (that are only 2 weeks apart in age) can grow to have a special bond like we do.

Happy Birthday, Amy.

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