a mother’s moments 

Today is Mother’s Day. Growing up, I just remember making crafts at school, picking wild flowers and being super sweet to my mom on that certain Sunday. Now having children of my own, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Being a mother is a job. It has schedules, and paperwork, meals are catered by yours truly and there are days my 2 bosses are real *bleeeeeps*.  Other days, operations run real smooth. My management skills come into play, the busy bees do as they are told and I even get to close shop early some nights.

It’s the only job in my life so far that I truly love. I wake up ready and willing to work at it. Well, willing. I say ready loosely. No other job has ever been so rewarding or satisfying. I strive each and every day to be better at it, and make lasting impressions on the tiny humans I’m responsible for. And the retirement package has potential to be fabulous! I mean I’m raising a crew that will one day cater to every one of my old lady needs.

It’s hard work. Sunrise to sunset you have to be on point, on your game and at times you pay dearly when you slack. *cue the unwatched baby to knock over your plant and eat the potting soil and your four year old “accidentally” tips her glass of milk over and it spills over every important piece of mail on the table *

I have days I moan and groan that clothes don’t fit as they did, and I’m irritated that the last bit of baby weight just won’t budge. Then I look at the beautiful children I carried with this body and brought into the world.



I lose my temper with a girl who has attitude for days, and get frustrated with a baby who cries relentlessly every time daddy leaves him behind.



But just remind myself my daughter is becoming her own individual and simply needs guidance to better understand all those tiny emotions she has, and a deep love for his daddy is something both Reid and Andy will cherish together.

Being a mother to me means letting go of little things. Not caring about minor details. Like a boy who snuggles up with his sister’s blankets. Or a girl who always steals her brother’s toys from him.



It’s means filling our home with all our favorite little people and loving them as part of our family.




Being a mother means I’ve created a life that I’m proud of. That I’ve sacrificed and have all my blood, sweat and tears into these little people that make up my amazing family. They are beautiful, unique and spectacular in all their own ways.



Happy Mother’s Day to all you special mamas out there.

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