nine months

This precious blue eyed boy is nine months old.



He is more than I could ever imagine a little boy would mean to me. His personality draws me in more and more each day.



He’s selective when he laughs, but when he does, it’s a deep, heartfelt laugh. He has the sweetest and most unconditional love for Hayden. It doesn’t matter what she does, he will follow her anywhere and gets so excited when she comes out in the morning. Some days he even goes looking for her.


He has the sweetest temperament and loves to be wherever people are. He crawls and explores and is fascinated with how things work. Cabinets and doors, drawers and knobs are his favorite and he could care less what’s inside. He will spend his time simply opening and closing them.


He’s fearless. Hardly startled and always pushing the limits. Hayden is my careful one. She’s cautious and takes her time. Reid is all in, all the time. It’s hard to keep him in one place, he has an agenda to explore as much as he can.


He crawls and pulls himself up on everything. His green jeep is a usual mode of transportation and he pushes that little truck all over the place. He gets into a new level of trouble and we have to keep a pretty close eye on him since he really loves to knock over plants and eat dirt…gross. Good luck telling him no. He either giggles at you or gives you this look.


He loves to eat with us and snack on puffs and he might be the messiest eater, ever. Even drinking water is a disaster.


His blue eyes are to die for and he is getting a head full of strawberry blonde hair. He has perfect little chubby hands and toes and is SOLID. It’s like packing a rock around.


Among his favorites are playing with the dishwasher door, getting up early with his daddy, and baths. He knows the sound of the water in the tub and scoots as fast as he can for the bathroom.


He loves pulling books off the bookshelf, looking out the sliding door and still takes a pacifier. Sleep isn’t a priority to him yet and we’re still going strong with mama milk. He is our favorite little man and we’re so very blessed to call him our own.


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