I’m thankful for…

this view


Alaska was the last place I would have ever thought I would move to and start a life. It literally was. I was asked at one point in time if I would ever consider moving there, and I laughed and replied with a big fat NO. I had for some reason a very distinct picture in my mind that Alaska was rugged and cold. Remote and unoccupied. And while it’s all those things to some extent and more, it’s also, breathtakingly beautiful.

I often get asked why I moved here. A boy. Well, THE boy. That’s a whole different story in itself but in a nutshell, I moved here to start a life with the man who would later become my husband. We have a house, and two kids and right out our front door is a sight I’m not sure I could ever get tired of.


It had just rained. The sun was setting, it smelled amazing and the view from our street was without a doubt worth taking a picture.

Looking towards the city center, the sky was soft and blue and looking back towards Anchorage, the storm continued on.



I can give you a list of things that would make me consider leaving Alaska. But those reasons seem pale in comparison when you get to call this view your very own.

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