arctic life: may

Once the holiday months are over and January creeps in, we all anticipate May. It’s the beginning of summer and it’s one of the most gorgeous months in Alaska.

Our days currently consist of over 18 hours of daylight, and with a few rainy days everything is green, green and green.DSC_0022

One of my favorite parts of summer in Alaska is the ferns. They are abundant and every where you look.


We planted a huge garden this year including a large pumpkin patch, and filled our tiny greenhouse with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers galore.



You don’t notice how green it gets, and how fast, until you either leave town for a couple of weeks or look back at pictures. It’s referred to by some as the “explosion”, since it’s almost overnight that everything gets lush and green.




In less than one month, it went from this…


to this.


School gets out the middle of May here so our backyard on a daily basis is filled with a gaggle of little people. Running and yelling, and doing what kids do best in the summer.








The sun and the moon share the sky most days and on a clear day you can get a good sneak peek of the what the night will bring.


For a while this will be our only glimpse of the moon since the sun keeps its glow inside long after we’re asleep.


 Most days are sunny and high in the 70’s and absolutely perfect. The summer is just starting and there are adventures to be had, food to be barbecued and water to be played in. But for now there is a popsicle with my name on it and weeds to tend to.  I’ll go ahead and let Andy get to the weeds today. There’s always tomorrow for me.



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