I’m thankful for…

a sweet girl and her brother


It took some time for Hayden to adjust to being a big sister. To have to share mom and dad, and her toys, and especially, her room. Now most mornings, she sings to him. Helps him play with toys. Dresses him up. Wrestles him. Plants lots of hugs and kisses on him. And he loves every minute of it.



He is your average little brother and wants to be a part of whatever Hayden is doing. She now embraces it, and involves him. Like making him a cheese plate.


She imparts her musical wisdom on him.



Reid follows her everywhere. Up and down the hall chasing her relentlessly. More often than not, I’ll find them playing quietly in their room. Wherever Hayden is at, your sure to find Reid.


Soon enough I’m sure there will be crying and yelling and all sorts of chaos that is a brother/sister relationship. For right now though, I’m going to soak up every sweet moment between them.

 arctic life: april

(Note to readers. I finished this post and uploaded it three days ago. If you follow me, you received the email, yet it’s not on the site. So here it is now…)

Spring is in full swing. Long days of sunshine and scattered rain showers. With most of our days spent outside now. Running and playing. BBQ’s and basking in the sun. Cleaning flower beds and prepping for planting.  All the succulents I planted last summer have come back full force.


Andy spent 3 entire days devoted to building Hayden a killer new playset, and all the neighborhood kids have been waiting patiently.



The trees are filling in with leaves and soon our spectacular view of the inlet will be gone until next winter.


This time of year embodies everything that makes up my happy place. All the nurseries are stocked full of plants and trees just calling my name. We’re getting our garden ready to be planted and the lawn will soon need to be mowed. We try and make the very most of our days and explore wherever and whenever we can.





Bedtimes tend to get pushed later and later, because simply put, it’s just to hard to go to bed when it’s 10 pm and looks like this.


Summer is right around the corner and boy, are we ready. How about you?!