scrapbook sunday: the start of summer

School let out on Friday for summer vacation. To say it was an emotional roller coaster for Hayden is putting it lightly. For the rest of our family, we are excited for everything that summer is going to bring. Reid, of course, has been gearing up for the season that allows him to wear fewer and fewer items of clothes. A free spirit, that one. As for Hayden,  I suppose when your 6, it’s hard not to sweat the small stuff. The pictures should sum it up for you.








scrapbook sunday: lost & found

Buried beneath hundreds of photos I’ve uploaded, are pictures that have yet to be seen. Some I knew of and simply chose others to edit or share, and some I don’t remember taking. As time goes on, and I learn more about the art of taking pictures and the craft behind editing them, I feel like I have even more to bring to the table. Something that sticks out in my mind, it has been said by many amazing photographers, is that you should leave your photos for a period of time before doing anything with them. Whether that’s waiting to develop them, or in my case, waiting several months before I edit them. It brings new perspective. My approach to the end result is no longer controlled by the emotion I felt when I took the picture. More often than not I have an agenda, a look I’m trying to achieve, for a blog post or a print I want. My lighting is bad, the kids make a funny face, parts that I need focused are blurry, etc… and a really great shot can be put aside because it doesn’t meet my standard at that time.

 But now going back through, I’m finding there are gems and uncovered beauties. So this will become a recurring edition in the Scrapbook Sunday series. A home to all these unclaimed pieces.








scrapbook sunday: thirty six

Like any normal pair of siblings, Hayden and Reid have their squabbles. Most of them involve Reid messing Hayden’s hair up or her perfectly aligned pile of toys and his tears are the result of Hayden laying on his blanket or her refusal to share the viewing of YouTube videos with him.

But on a more regular basis, they get along really well. Better yet is that they can make each other laugh. That deep belly laugh that is so contagious and makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Now add that to a backyard, half melted snow, back of the four wheeler sledding session and you have a real giggle sesh on your hands. Here’s all the proof that you need.








scrapbook sunday: b+w

I am still on my first cup of coffee and haven’t showered yet today, so there still is a weekend vibe happening here. My Sunday camera chats with MachoTurbo the last couple of weeks have been all over the map. Which are actually my favorite. Those days we range from shows and books that are on our radar, to what we’ve been shooting lately, and then on over to goals we have for the days ahead and where we see life taking us. Throw in some small jabs at each other, okay mostly just at me, and there you have it. Macho has always been a voice of reason in my life so it seems fitting that our common interest of photography has become another avenue where he can give me advise and help a sister out. So when he tells you to try shooting solely in black in white, damn it, you shoot in black and white. And you love it.