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Today Andy and I celebrate our second wedding anniversary so it felt necessary to reminisce a bit. Everyone says their wedding date is the happiest day of their life. My wedding was the happiest time in my life.

Andy and I had been organizing this wedding ourselves, down to every tiny detail for a year prior. We got married in our homestate, Idaho, and flew down a month before the big day. We spent so much time with family and old friends, and it was a constant state of bliss. We didn’t worry and stress about the little things. We enjoyed each moment and anticipated this day we had been so eagerly preparing for.

Everything was perfect.

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We had an outdoor wedding and the weather was beautiful. No one misplaced a tie, or a dress, or even worse, the rings. The food and the flowers showed up on time and intact. We set up the morning of without a hiccup. There wasn’t a single detail of that day that wasn’t amazing, it exceeded every single one of my expectations.

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It was simple and romantic. Laid back and fun. Elegant yet not over the top. We had a hand in everything involved, right down to the centerpiece boxes Andy hand built.

Wedding Photos 480

Our friend performed the ceremony and we were surrounded by all the people we love.

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Then the real fun began. We had the BEST musicians. Two things that were on the top of the list were really good food and really really good live music. I think we hit the mark on both. People still make comments to us on how wonderful the band was. Andy’s brothers and cousins helped grill, the beer was on tap and we all laughed and danced and had the time of our lives.

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Wedding Photos 878It was as if time paused for a brief moment when I stepped out of the car in my wedding dress, and in a blink of an eye it was over. Life was in fast forward and it was everything that is magical, and memorable and special. We ditched the party for a quick limo ride to Hogans for wedding shots and made it back in time for a few last songs before the sun set on our beautiful day. The following day we invited everyone back for brunch and got one last day to soak in time with our very favorite people. Every second of that weekend I hold dear to my heart and nothing will compare to it.

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Wedding Photos 798

Happy Anniversary to my sweet, loving, caring husband who has the biggest heart and the most unconditional love for his wife and family. You make every day one to remember and it’s only just the beginning.


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