I’m thankful for….

impromptu trips


Andy and I celebrated our two year anniversary this month. He arranged a sitter for the kids and told me to dress for the weather and bring my camera. We loaded up and made our way to the quaint and tiny town of Talkeetna, AK.

What we didn’t account for was our sunny clear skies staying behind us.


Talkeetna is only about an hour away from home so while the weather didn’t look like it would cooperate for us, we decided to see our adventure through anyway. On the way, Andy revealed we were going to hop on a plane and head up to Mt. McKinley. But…… this is where our plane stayed.


Due to bad weather all trips were cancelled for the day. Ugh.

No point in wasting the day though. We were kidless, had time to spare and were already away from home. So we made like tourists and roamed the town. Starting here.


The place was packed, so we grabbed a seat at the bar, ate a few appetizers and tried out a few new brews.


Talkeetna consists of basically two streets, loaded with shops and restaurants, and in the summer is overflowing with people in all places.





We bought the kids adorable locally made wooden toys and walked aimlessly in the rain, people watching. We explored old buildings and checked out local art.

rt gallery

And we took time to simply enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the small moments we get to do absolutely nothing.


Last year we spent the weekend in Anchorage and before we checked out of our hotel, we sat down and wrote notes to each other to read on our next anniversary. So on our way back home, we found a trail off the highway to adventure on and stopped to read our thoughts that we wrote for one another.


We got back in time to have dinner and drinks with the family and when we got home we wrote new messages to each other and sealed them up for next year. The trip was short and sweet and filled with delicious food, great conversations and lots of laughter. And to top it off we bought our tickets for our trip to Hawaii in September.

Best impromptu trip ever.

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