a boy and his party

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of celebrating our favorite little man. (It’s just taken me a few days to write about it.)

Having celebrated a first birthday before, and a few more after it, I can tell you if you do nothing else, EAT CAKE.


Hayden’s birthday falls right smack in the middle of winter, so having a summer birthday gives us a nice break from inside parties.

We kept it simple. A BBQ with family and friends. I didn’t go overboard with decorations, and just made sure we had lots of food and of course, cake.


How adorable are those name balloons. So in love.


We stuffed our faces with delicious food and watched as all the kids ran and played and eagerly awaited to dig into dessert.

Reid didn’t disappoint.



As lots of little eyes peered in, we gave the nod to help him out and soon he was swarmed with tiny hands grabbing gobs of cake as fast as they could before their parents stopped them from total sugar overload.

little people



smash cake

Once the smash cake was just that, smashed cake, we stripped down the frosted boy and gave him a quick scrub.



Note to self. Next time don’t add so much soap. Some minor eye irritation occurred due to excessive bubbles to the face . Oops.

A scrub a dub and rinse, fresh clothes and onto opening presents. Reid got spoiled by everyone and now has his own growing collection of big boy toys all his own. Including a truck that we have to actually hide from the big kids so it doesn’t get destroyed. It’s that much fun.



It was a beautiful evening with our wonderful family and friends and we couldn’t feel more blessed to have celebrated with you all. Until next year….

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