arctic life: august

Fall is at our fingertips.

There is something about the start of cooler weather and turning leaves that just makes me so happy. Autumn has always been my favorite season. There’s not much about it I don’t like, except that it’s not long enough.


The trees are still slightly green but golden. The days are now a perfect mix of warm and breezy and light jackets and long sleeves are our go to. Outside it’s crisp and cool, and when you step back in your house, it instantly feels welcoming and cozy. Candles always smell better when it’s cooler outside and now our dinner table will be filled with bowls of all my favorite soup recipes.



For me, autumn is the mark of a new year, more so than New Years. New school years, new wardrobes, new schedules. The end of summer in Alaska means the fair is here, which is a week and half of chaos, and happiness, all wrapped into one. Everything I’ve planted and tended to all summer is slowing fading away and will soon be covered in it’s winter coat of leaves, and the garden is on it’s last leg.




In the coming months, we have countless holidays and birthdays to celebrate. First snow falls to look forward to and hopes and wishes for the new year that’s just around the corner. I look forward to the end of summer just as much as I anticipate it’s beginning. It’s equally exciting as life blooms and blossoms, as it fades to yellow and withers away. Watching the trees float away in the wind and the yard is soon filled with it’s golden pieces. Hayden waiting for her neighborhood friends to come running down our driveway to tell her about their day at school. Putting away swimsuits and shorts and reaching for sweaters and boots.


Our summertime toys are getting winterized and put away, and now chilly mornings mean hunting season and early rides with daddy around the neighborhood.



The furriest family member is getting his winter coat and the cool breezy days are just as inviting to all of us as any hot summer day.




The windows get closed up at night with temperatures now dipping below 40 while we sleep and with sunsets at 9 pm, I know that summer in the land of the midnight sun is over. Our once long, sun filled nights and perfectly lit house now requires nightlights for the kids and a slow careful pace for those middle of the night bathroom breaks.

I plan on doing my very best to soak it all in, because just as fast as fall arrives in Alaska, it leaves with the wind and welcomes in winter.


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