that one time we took a vacation without any kids and it was totally awesome: part 1

Andy and I just got back from an amazing trip to Oahu, Hawaii. It was


That’s putting it lightly. This was our first vacation with just us. Our first real vacation ever really. I was pregnant when we dated and after Hayden was born our time alone wasn’t any longer than one night. Once we got married our honeymoon got put on hiatus when I got pregnant with Reid. Kids ruin everything.


So being in my friend’s wedding in Hawaii was the perfect reason for this kid free vacation to really happen. My sister in law is the and took a week off work to stay at our house and watch the two little terrors.

We were there for 5 days and 5 nights of total bliss.


Our flight left at 2:45 which gave us plenty of time to sleep in, finish packing our bags and hug and kiss on the kids for a bit longer. Then it was game time.


We arrived in Honolulu just before sundown so we could get one quick glimpse of the city.

It was dark on our drive to the North Shore where we were staying so we didn’t get the full effect until morning. It was worth waiting for…




We hurried and showered and threw our beach bag in the car and began our ventures on the island. We stayed on Turtle Bay Resort’s property but not at the actual resort. They have several buildings of condos that are available to rent. It saved us a few hundred dollars and we had so much more space and privacy. Plus, it was only a short walk to the resort itself and it’s beach. Which was our first pit stop.






I found that people watching was soooo easy and entertaining on this trip.



We were in serious need of coffee and food so our beach visit was cut short and we found a coffee shop and local fruit stand to load up on goods. If someone ever offers you a fried banana, get one. Or 6 like we ended up with.

After cruising the highway a bit, we couldn’t take it any longer and pulled off to jump in. Even with rain showers and wind, the beach was heavenly.




This spot too proved to be a fantastic people watching spot.




The wonderful part of a vacation with no kids is we have no schedule. No naps to worry about, bottles to plan for or meltdowns to deal with. We could lay in the sand, drink cocktails and relax without a care in the world.



We spent the afternoon exploring beaches and food trucks. Anything served in a fruit vessel has my name on it.

After lunch we found a sunnier spot to plant our beach bums. The colors were almost surreal.


After completely frying our bodies, we headed back to clean up and change and walked down to the resort for drinks and a Hawaiian sunset. It was the perfect ending to our first day in paradise.

Stay tuned for more..


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