that one time we took a vacation without any kids and it was totally awesome: part 3


The much awaited day of the trip. *cue wedding bells*  Andy and I didn’t need to be at the ranch until 12:30 and since we were up at the crack of dawn every day of our trip, we had plenty of time to burn before we headed down the highway. (sleeping in on our vacation didn’t happen at all since it was hot as hell and being a hot sweaty mess didn’t bode well for comfort)

We tried to visit as many beaches as we could on our trip. I had come to really love and anticipate those quick stops.





Those quiet peaceful moments filled with just our thoughts and sand between our toes was exactly what we came on this trip for. A lot of just “us” time.



Our beach visit was short lived and we headed to the venue to meet up with the bridal party to get ready. The rest of the day was filled with lots of laughter and anticipation for what would seem like the fastest afternoon in time. Speaking from experience, your wedding day goes by so quickly and is filled with endless amounts of love and joy. This day was no different.

The venue was filled with beautiful plant life and views and the cottage we got ready in was a spot I wouldn’t think twice about moving in to.






All the ladies got ready and prepped while the guys headed over with the guests to the private beach.




The rest of the afternoon became one sweeping fast moment. We had pictures and last minute jitters on our way to the ceremony. Tears were shed by proud papa’s and we were given the last run down of our instructions. The ceremony was short and sweet. It was blissfully quiet with waves crashing in the background. Eternal love and faithfulness was promised and kisses exchanged. It was simple and perfect.




The bride and groom took pictures afterwards before we all loaded up on the boat and set sail back to the reception.


The camera got packed up once it was time to celebrate and the rest of the evening involved a beautifully golden and colorful sunset, a gourmet dinner, wedding cake and toasts, dancing and a room filled with glowing happy people.

It was truly an honor to be a part of my friend’s special day and I’m blessed to have been able to stand along side of her as she married her best friend. It was an experience unlike any other, and I’ll just throw it out there. If any of the rest of you are thinking of doing a tropical wedding, I’m totally there.

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