We’ve always celebrated Halloween. Costumes, trick or treating, pumpkin carving, the works. But either Andy has been home to take Hayden or we spend it at my in-laws and all the kids go together while I hand out candy. Last year they moved, to a neighborhood that gets no trick or treaters, literally. I stayed behind at their house with baby Reid and it was a silent night.

This year, I went all out. We decorated the house and Hayden helped make costumes. We had two parties we attended in which Hayden wore a different costume each time. And tonight the kids and I ventured out to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law and their three girls. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.


Hayden struggled all week figuring out what to go as when we went to trick or treat, and decided on Minnie Mouse. She went as Minnie two years ago and we still had the ears. In one piece and in her bedroom. Sheer luck.

By Halloween, it’s winter. Usually we have snow by now and a couple of years we’ve had some nasty wind and cold temps. This year couldn’t have been nicer. While it was chilly (35 degrees), it was a beautiful sunset and clear skies, and no snow.

Reid was under the weather and I didn’t want him out in the cold, so he and I stayed in the warm car and tagged along with the kids. The neighborhood we went to was fantastic. Tons of kids and houses close together, with most of them handing out candy.


Hayden was hilarious. She literally bounced up to each house, holding her ears because they kept falling down. She got to be the designated door knocker and was beyond excited no matter what she got. I sat in the car and just laughed, as she would make them all stop in the driveway so she could show them what she got. Every time. Her cousins are simply the sweetest and catered to her all night.

After an hour and a half and a near full bucket, we called it quits. We made a pit stop at grandma and grandpa’s where the kids got last handfuls of candy.


After wrangling my two sugared up children, we needed to head home and get cleaned up. Know what you need to balance out all the sugar? Some good ol grease and salt, kitchen floor picnic style.


The kids loved it. Reid found it hilarious to steal Hayden’s cheeseburger and take a huge bite, and then sit on her, all while Hayden laughed hysterically. They finished up eating and headed for the bath. Which gave me plenty of time to raid her stash for the good stuff.


Faces and little bodies washed, pajamas on and snuggled up, we’re finishing the night with Corpse Bride. Hoping you all had a safe and happy Halloween, this bunch sure did!

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