garden fresh

Majority of my news feed is filled with my friends and family sharing how they are keeping cool in the scorching summer heat. Pool parties, beach days, AC running non stop, ice cream, popsicles, and refreshing cocktails.

Those of us that live in Alaska however, are slowly mixing sweatshirts and rain boots back into our wardrobe, prepping for children to go back to school and watching as summer activities are simmering down. July has been packed full of BBQs, lake days, fireworks, kayak trips, SO MUCH FOOD, and out of state family visitors. We had days so hot it was unreal, and days it rained so hard the only thing to do was bundle up and watch movies. But the best part about summer’s end is that the star players in the garden are ready to harvest. The greenhouse has tomato plants that are to the roof, plum full of tomatoes starting to ripen. We’ve eaten a handful of cucumbers already, with its vines heavy with more. Snap peas, lettuce, green onions and strawberries have been at our disposal all summer and now my counter tops are filled up daily with these beauties.


For months now, I’ve listened to the groans of the kids, asking when the carrots could be eaten. So now that we have a bag in the fridge, ready for anytime snacking, they can stop asking me 47 times a day about them.


There is only so much zucchini bread you can make before you draw a line. Baking with any certain ingredient is always what first comes to mind for me, so I’ve made it a goal to incorporate my home grown produce into as many meals as I can and try out new recipes.

The last two nights I have gorged myself on this “pasta” dish. Eaten every last bit and practically slurped the sauce out of the bowl. ( I even made extra sauce to freeze)


Zucchini, carrots, green onions and cilantro from our garden made this easy dish a home run. Being an incredibly guilt free healthy dinner meant I could have an extra glass, or two three, of wine. And a brownie. With ice cream.  It’s all about balance people.

Try it for yourselves and thank me later.

Good luck to my friends enduring the heat. I’m off to grab a sweater, it’s chilly in here.

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