a change of seasons


Today is one of those perfect autumn days. We woke up to sunshine streaming through the windows and the morning breeze creeping through the trees. Sweeping the golden leaves off with it and spreading them gently along the driveway and across the yard.

Before Hayden was even out of bed, her neighborhood friends were pounding at the front door asking to play. Which led to them peeking in her window and yelling for her to wake up and join them outside. Both kids scurried to get dressed and eat something, not able to get out the door fast enough to be with them.

I finished my morning coffee outside and harvested the last of the carrots. Having a counter top already covered with zucchini, I picked three more off my plants and delivered them to the neighbor. Hayden bounced between houses in the culdesac with her friends and Reid not being able to keep up, was content to chase the dogs and ride his four wheeler.

It’s the time of year where we try to take full advantage of days that don’t rain because before we know it, the snow will start falling and we won’t be as eager to head outside. Yard work is coming to a halt and my garden is on its last leg. Most of my early season flowers have withered away and an occasional mowing is all the lawn gets anymore. Hayden only has a week left of her summer before school starts and in the last few days we have tried to pack in some really fun stuff with her. Including a back yard camping trip. Weinee roasting and s’mores, four wheeler and motorcycle rides around the neighborhood, and brushing our teeth by the campfire made it actually seem like a legit camping trip and I found waking up in my back yard with the pleasure of using my own bathroom was actually the kind of camping I’d be willing to do more of. Plus, the kids had a blast and cleanup was far easier that having to cram all your dirty camp gear back in its bags and in the car.


Our leisure mornings of pancakes and friends to play with are numbered. Monday marks the beginning of the school year and we won’t have the luxury of sleeping in during the week with no agenda for the day. Late breakfasts and cartoons will be reserved for weekends and days that we can stay in our pajamas all day and color will have to wait until summer time.


Alarm clocks and schedules are in the near future. But until then we are going to embrace the seasons changing and spend our days like today. Outside loving this gorgeous autumn day. Without a single place to be.


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