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This nugget turns two today.

He runs faster than you would expect from most two year olds, let alone one that is short and has some real meat on his bones.

He lives to be outside. He wakes up and puts his shoes on and most nights we peel his shoes off with a fight in order to get him ready for bed.

His teeth are really spaced apart and his front two are no where near being lined up and are different lengths. Making him have a mouth of crocodile teeth, and I just LOVE it.

He picks on his sister often but loves her fiercely. He cries for her when she’s gone and screams with joy when she shows back up. They take all their baths together and have recently started bunking together at night. I know he’ll miss her immensely when she starts school.

While he’s always quick to love on his mama, he’s a daddy’s boy. I’m basically chopped liver when Andy is home from work.

He loves anything with wheels or that he can drive. He spends hours playing with his cars and trucks and has no fear when it comes to riding a bike. He cries every day to ride on the motorcycle and will spend an entire afternoon riding his four wheeler around the yard and going to visit the neighbors.

He just recently started showing interest in using a lot of words. He doesn’t have a lot of drive to learn letters, numbers or the correct name of something. But he is fascinated with the mechanics of anything. He will stay occupied taking apart and reassembling something over sitting for a book or learning colors.

He is without question all BOY. He is always instantly covered in dirt and can’t stay clean to save his life. He destroys all his clothes and is the messiest eater. He makes motor sounds with everything and climbs and scales anything he can get to. Yet he can’t go anywhere without his blanket and we’ve struggled with breaking him of his pacifier and bottle.

On any given day he could probably eat an entire rotisserie chicken.

The kid is obsessed with bananas. When we buy them at the store we have to either hide them in the cart or wait to get them last because he’ll cry until we pay for them. I can’t remember a grocery trip with him where we left the store without him eating at least one before we got back to the car.

I really thought his hair would have darkened by now, but it just keeps getting lighter. It just might reach white one of these days. Maybe he’s actually a wizard…

He has a toddler bed and does great sleeping on his own. Though most nights he wakes up and ends up sneaking into our bed or snuggling with Hayden where ever she is.

He loves our neighbors and visits them every day. He goes over to say hi to “auntie and papa” any chance he gets and “E!” is greeted with so much excitement from him every time he comes to play.

He loves milk, his grandpa and getting suckers from the neighbors. He puts Sharky’s dog food in his water bowl whenever we aren’t looking and has had more black eyes in the last year than I’ve had in my entire life. He’s just as likely to play dolls with his sister as he in to play in the dirt.

He can be the biggest stinker and sweetest boy all in one day. He is the greatest sidekick and makes life so adventurous. From the moment he was conceived to the day we welcomed him he has brought so much joy into our life. It’s a blessing to watch him grow and I’m so incredibly thankful that Hayden has a brother who has such a deep, compassionate love for her. I know that he’ll grow up to be her biggest protector. He sets out to make every one laugh and smile and it makes it so easy to be around him and take him anywhere. We look forward to every moment spent with him and hope he grows up knowing that he is loved so very much.

Happy birthday sweet boy.. You are our world.

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