Time to break out the baby stuff and stock up on some zzzzz’s. We are expecting (!!!) and our newest family member is joining us this July. I haven’t shared much on it though. For no real reason other than procrastination and failed attempts at maternity photos.

I have a few wonderful friends that have done beautiful maternity shoots and it’s not uncommon to see people you follow on social media share their spread of gorgeous pregnancy photos. Here is where it got tricky. I’m quite certain they aren’t the ones behind the camera, and as I found out it’s difficult juggling being the photographer and the subject. Throw in a handsy toddler and lighting issues and you find yourself really flailing. I easily became disheartened and put the project on a back burner and thus never got around to writing this post. You need really great photos to go with a big announcement right?!? Thanks Beyoncé. 

After a conversation with MachoTurbo this week where we spent some time discussing family, it became clear to me that taking good pregnancy pictures right now isn’t the hard part. Everything else is. The struggles of raising a family far outweigh whether I have perfect photos documented along the way. I’ve so far been very fortunate to have uncomplicated pregnancies and easy deliveries. I’ve been able to stay active and keep up with our two other little people. We’ve taken home healthy babies and survived those fragile first years without many hiccups. Not everyone can say that, and I try my very best not to take those things for granted. Choosing to have a family is a big responsibility and incredibly rewarding. It’s at times much bigger than me and sometimes you need someone else to put it in perspective for you.

 I’m humbled a little more by each pregnancy and have come to value every part of this journey. Which then makes me feel silly to get so worked up over pictures. Anything can be dressed up and surrounded by props and made to look perfect. But life has flaws and things aren’t always pretty. Sometimes it’s blurry and grainy and not focused right and stuff just doesn’t go as planned. The fact of the matter is that I’m lucky to be able to do all of it. To give someone life. Three times over. It’s an amazing accomplishment and a special privilege and there isn’t really anything comparable. Besides maybe finding your favorite ice cream. On sale, and discovering it’s actually really healthy and you can eat it every day, all day. Which isn’t real, so basically nothing compares to it.

16 weeks and counting. In a few weeks we find out the gender of this little avocado and then we can really get down to business. 🙂

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