life according to a six year old



Turning six was a pretty big deal around here. All weekend long Hayden was celebrated. Presents and so many treats. Singing and laughing and dinner with family and friends. Cupcakes were made to be eaten with classmates. Oh, and that pesky last front tooth finally came out. Opening the door for the cutest lisp to creep in. All leading up to the big day. She woke up this morning to be officially six.

I got a chance to have a one on one with her and really get a look into what it’s like these days to be six.

Your now halfway through kindergarten. So tell me, what’s your favorite thing about school? If there was one thing they told you that you could for a solid week, what would it be?

 Writing. I love to write. With a big pencil and a big notepad.

What’s your least favorite?

Math. No wait, the pyrethrum board. Because there is a timer and you have to just sit there and it’s like 100 minutes long. Let’s move on!

You get home from school and you love to do what?

Play with my friends and build a snowman.

What if there is no snow?

I’d still play outside of course. Hopefully with no coat and shorts on. And flip flops. Gosh I love summer.

Your all done with school. You graduated and now you have to go get a job. What do you want to do?

Work in a donut shop.

What do you see yourself driving?

Something with sliding doors. I don’t like opening doors. So I want one that does it for me.

So a mini van?


What’s your favorite color right now?

Pink. Not just hot though. Light too.




Let’s talk about family now. Do you like having a little brother?

Yeah. I like feeding him. And he’s so little and I can take care of him. He tickles my back too. And I like it when I eat his chips. And when he has more chips. So I can steal them.

Do you like living in Alaska?


If we didn’t live in Alaska, where would you want to live?

Hawaii. I mean Disneyland. I see a lot of commercials. I’ve been wanting to go for years! But you never take me. You’ve never taken me to Hawaii either. You also won’t let us get a new dog. It’s 3 against 1 you know! You should just move to the forest with Sharky. Then we could get a new dog. I’m not kidding….

Who knew that was such a loaded question. Moving on. What makes you the happiest?

Presents. I mean summer! No, cupcakes. Summer cupcakes.

What are summer cupcakes?

They’re green.

One final question. If there was something that you could do that would make everyone happy and make the world a better place, what would it be?

Shut the door on them.

What? Why is that going to make everyone happy?

Then people will be like “Hooray, it keeps all the babies out.”

Why do we need to keep all the babies out??

Because they mess all your stuff up.




If you couldn’t tell already, she’s full of life and spunk. She’s always been my cautious one that questions everything. She is thoughtful and creative and in so many ways pushes the limits. She’s six going on sixteen as the saying goes and if she is half as determined and outgoing as she is now, then I’ll feel like I’ve done it somewhat right by her.

Happy Birthday Hayden Evelee.


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