30 weeks

30 week belly-0458

We are nearly to single digits in our weekly countdown. Very similar to Reid’s pregnancy, the last trimester just screams by. It’s summer (basically), which means we are constantly on the go and each day goes by faster and faster.

I feel good. The baby is good. The other kids are good. The husband is good. We have this routine down pretty solid. Heartburn plagues my everyday, it’s a struggle to get dressed outside of sweatpants and peaceful sleep at night is beginning to look like a thing of the past. Other than that, no complaints here. He’s active a lot, constantly stretching and making himself comfortable. Then at night cozies himself right on my bladder and stays put until morning. 

30 week belly-0460

I have completed all my big projects and we are almost finished with the baby’s setup in our bedroom. Reid will end up sharing his bedroom eventually but one thing that I have learned with my previous newborns, is that they couldn’t care less about sleeping in a beautiful arranged nursery that you spent so much time setting up. They want to snuggle, and they want to nurse, and with my babies, that’s all they want to do for a looooong time. So it was a no brainer to make our bedroom the sleep spot for this guy until he’s ready to kick it in his own space. I’ll do a post soon to share our sleep setup, because I’m pretty excited about some things we are going to try this go around.

I have my hospital bag packed and the baby’s bag ready to go. I even threw in a toothbrush for you Andy, your welcome. 🙂

While we easily could be counting down the days until his arrival, we are enjoying and soaking in each and every day that we continue to have warm sunny weather and extra time to spend with Reid and Hayden. In no time at all, they are getting curbed and the tiny new guy in town is getting all my affection. At least 90% of it anyway.

Happy weekend!


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