they like me, they really like me

For every frame worthy photo I get of my children, there are about 15 I took before reaching that one. Most are blurry, or they aren’t looking or there is stuff going on in the background that ruins the shot. As they age though, they start to vocalize how much I annoy them in doing so. They start sweet and innocent, and then glare at me. Hide from me. Hayden’s go to is to either turn her face or she gives me a really awkward and uncomfortable smile. I get majority of my inventory from Reid. He’s my current bread winner. But he’s got some mileage on him and now gets a little testy, and lets me know by yelling at me to stop taking pictures.Do I?

Absolutely not. It builds character. And also gives me winners like this.

There was a heat wave this week. On this particular day it was 42 degrees. I needed to get the mail and I had promised to take the kids for ice cream at some point. It was warm enough I thought they would like to stop at the park, along with the dog. Clearly, they really enjoyed it. Hayden instantly fell in the creek. Don’t worry, it was ankle deep. She however, didn’t heed my warning of “that ice isn’t thick enough to cross, you’re going to”….. fall through. Her feet were now cold and wet and her enthusiasm was shot. Reid only wanted to swing. For the first 30 seconds and then, as you can see in the photo, just gave up on life. We made it ten minutes before we loaded up and went for ice cream. Which ended up being a root beer float for Hayden. The smallest size they had. Purchased with change from my car. Because I forgot my wallet, and Reid had fallen asleep anyway.I plan on making this a regular post. To remind myself how much my kids love me. Also, as a reminder on days when the going is rough, that I’m totally killing it at this parenting thing.

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