they like me, they really like me (part two)

It’s somewhat of a long story, but the other day I found myself watching YouTubes of how to make foam art in your coffee. Just typing it makes me laugh out loud. -side note: I REFUSE to say LOL, and I challenge anyone to prove that I have ever used it in a text message. It goes against everything I stand for, which isn’t a lot but still- Okay, so watching these videos is so ridiculous for a couple reasons. I don’t have a fancy espresso machine, I have one but it’s really basic and I rarely use it and I don’t even have the right equipment to steam milk. I don’t ever buy drinks with fancy foam, in fact, I can confidently say I have never actually drank a cup of coffee with foam art. BUT the take away here is that one of these videos offered me an incredible quote. The barista was showing viewers how to accomplish a foam heart, fern and…. I actually don’t even remember the third one. While steaming the milk he dropped this truth bomb : “Foam art doesn’t signify quality, but it does show you the person making your coffee really cares.” Brilliant! That is basically my parenting in a nutshell. It’s not the best you’ve probably ever seen. But damn it, I put in a lot of effort. Effort that gets me this.

That right there is a boy who has repeatedly asked to watch a cartoon on Andy’s phone, and a girl, who snuck into my bag while I was taking pictures outside and discovered I had deleted every single app they used to watch on. Ha! We were headed to Sunday night family dinner and had a little time to burn. A few miles opposite of the direction we needed to go, there is a pullout that overlooks the inlet. We made our way there to watch the gorgeous sunset taking place. The kids were clearly not impressed and wouldn’t even get out of the car. We ended the night with pizza and games at their grandparents house. So eh, you win some, you lose some.

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