let’s have brunch: blueberry bagel croutons

For as long as I can remember, waking up and immediately eating breakfast has never been my strong suit. Coffee, that’s a different story, but I need a few hours to really have any type of appetite. The hours between wake up and mid afternoon are my most productive and when the kids are most mellow, so I’m usually busy and when that brunch hour hits I’m STARVING. But I’m craving breakfast foods, which is why this salad is a perfect fit.

We had a few berry bagels left over from a bag Andy had gotten for me, and they were past their prime from the get go. Bagels are my soul food and not willing to let them go, I thought using them in a salad along with bacon, goat cheese and some fresh berries would taste so good. Turns out I was right.

After chopping the bagels into bite size pieces, I coated them in melted coconut oil, approx 1 tbsp. They baked in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

Now, the key to a perfect salad is that 1.) your ingredients are equally sized so you can get a little bit of everything with each bite and 2.) you don’t overdress it. Soggy greens= gross.

Sweet crunchy bagels bites, salty bacon and fresh berries paired with crisp greens, creamy cheese chunks and a tangy dressing create a dish that is a delicious segue from breakfast to lunch.

Coffee is on, who is ready to brunch?

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