oh, there she is.

It’s been fairly silent around here. Spring swept in and brought sunshine, and yard work and days spent soaking in every last bit of the gorgeous weather because it is short lived in these parts. A baby on the verge of walking, and who STILL does not favor sleep. School’s out and summer vacation is officially in gear. Also, the blonde haired middle one is back to exploring the neighborhood in his free time, with his naughty little yellow dog alongside of him. All of this and it seems my updates with you have taken a back burner.

This summer is shaping up to be one I want to document and share with you so I’m getting back in the swing of things to post more.

I also went out on a limb and opened another window into our lives and decided to share how I use essential oils with my family, and our journey to having a chemical free home. It’s work. Literally. I’m working from home, from this very screen, and sharing my love of all things oily with family and friends, and a whole lot of new people too. But it was also work trying to juggle the mix of personal accounts and “business” accounts. I had the thought that I could start a different blog and showcase exclusively on it how we are using products and essential oils to steer towards a greener home. It’s not as easy as throwing out all your current household products and purchasing toxic free ones. It takes time, and a budget and finding what works best for your family. Documenting all this on a site created just for that began. A separate Instagram account and hopes of perhaps being able to navigate it all on top of my own personal feeds and blog.

I’m here to say that it was a bust. Just a couple of weeks was all it took for me to realize that I was already overwhelmed and not able to pour time and quality into each endeavor. In order to achieve what I’m after, I need to scale back. When I sat down and looked at each project, my end game is simply showing people our lives. How we use essential oils for sleep support, hormonal support, sores muscles, boo boos, and skin irritations. Why diffusing is a much safer and cleaner way to make your home smell great. And slowly, we are ditching household products that are filled with harsh chemicals to natural products that are non toxic.

With that being said, you will see the occasional post here about such things. I’m not here to shamelessly plug products constantly, I’m just opening up that window for you to peek in. There are already a few projects posted on that site, so before it gets closed up, I’m going to share them here. I avoided A LOT of housework and holed up away from children in order to finish them, so I’m not letting them go to waste!

Thanks for sticking around friends and cheers to the start of summer!

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