Oh hey.

I’m sure in our time spent together there will be countless stories and pictures and never ending business to involve you in. But until then I’ll spare you an extremely LONG drawn out post about the how and why this blog came to exist. Soon enough, you’ll know our whole story, who we are and what we’re about. You’ll meet the crew over time and get to see what living in the vast arctic is all about. There will be changes to how the blog looks and feels as I get the hang of this. I mean it can’t be that complicated, or so I think.

So until those magical moments that I’m sure your all waiting on the edge of your seat to arrive, I’ll leave you with an introduction to our best cadet. She’s super cute. Super silly. Super weird. Like I sometimes wonder if toddlers are supposed to do the strange things that she comes up with. With that being said though, she is so irreplaceable, and utterly loved. You’ll be seeing a lot of her I imagine. Like tonight. Before we head to bed and return to our normal selves, we’ll eat a snack as royalty.

panda phone  1-5-14 037

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