project 52

When I first started this blog, I took to asking some advice from a fellow blogger. I read her blog on the regular, it’s funny and current and let’s be real, I’ll never have five children, I’ll just live vicariously through peeps like her.

A nugget of wisdom she gave me was to try something like Project 52. It prompts you to write something at least weekly and gives you an easy foundation on what to write about. You choose a theme and write a weekly post on that topic. Turns out I’m late to the game, because I’m quite certain your supposed to start at the beginning of the year. And we’re almost to February. Perfect.

But whatever. It’s my project anyway, I do what I want.

Now I needed a theme. Reading other’s projects, they focused on their kids or family, an important subject to them, or maybe just an occurring topic that was ongoing in their life. I wanted to try something different. My goal for the new year is to try new things. Experience life a little more. Think outside the box. So I came up with this :

52 Random Acts of Kindness

I think in general we all try to be kind. To others, to ourselves. I’m sure there are a handful of people out there who actively try to be condescending jerks, at which point you MIGHT call them a bad word, resulting in you being asked to leave the restaurant. I mean, that might happen to some people. But as a whole, I like to believe we all strive to be kind human beings. That being said, we can all do better. I can do better. I might be having a bad day, but I need to remember, someone is having a worse day. I can be a grouch and find someone irritating, when in reality, chances are they are simply being misunderstood and I’m the issue. There are always exceptions to this, but with this project I’m going to choose to ignore all of those and focus on making a difference to someone. It could be a stranger, a family member, a friend. It could even be you.

The idea stemmed from a post I saw online where a girl offered to the first 10 people who commented a Pay It Forward promise. They needed to list their address, with the concept that this girl would randomly do something generous for them. Send them a present, make them dinner one night unexpectedly, surprise them with a coffee at work, etc. With the agreement though, they would pass the good deed on. With those people then passing on the good deed to someone else. You get the picture, I’m pretty sure we all saw the movie.

So. This is where I ask all you to help me. Whether you get something directly from me (chances are you will, there are seriously like 6 of you that read this), do something kind. Out of the ordinary. You pass that same “homeless” guy everyday on the street on your way to work. Just buy him an Egg McMuffin. It will at least help soak up some of that booze he’s inevitably going to buy. You can buy a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store for $5.99. I know you can’t stand Nancy in HR, but maybe she’s difficult because she hasn’t had a date in 2 years. Give the girl a break. I don’t care who you are, a $5 coffee gift card is not going to break the bank, and who doesn’t love a coffee pick me up?!

That being said, stayed tuned for my first post of this project. Thank you in advance for all those who participate, whoever is on the receiving end of your generosity I’m sure greatly appreciates it.

3 thoughts on “project 52

  1. But Nancy is so mean! However your right, I’ll make a true effort in making her day and maybe it just might make mine as well 😉

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