post secret

I’m not a very good routine person. By that I mean I don’t have one. I’m all over the place, all the time. I have little quirks that remain the same. I need coffee everyday. I can’t make it a day without some type of sweet treat. That’s about it. Ugh. It sounds so awful when I say it out loud. I should work on that, especially with baby # 2 on the way.

But my point is that I do actually have one constant each week. Post Secret. New secrets are posted every Sunday and I have religiously never missed a Sunday for years. Pun intended. I don’t ever go to church either. I should maybe work on that also.

Anyway, Post Secret has been around for a while. It might be new to some of you, others might be familiar. It was created by Frank Warren and started out as just a blog. People anonymously mailed in secrets and a few were picked each week and posted online. It eventually led to books of secrets being published, postcards being displayed in museums and large events being held where you can have the opportunity to share your secret and your story.

Check it out for yourself.


These are a couple of my favorites from this Sunday.



Maybe this will inspire you to share your own secret. I’ll be sure to keep my eye out.

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