a young artist’s showcase

Our weekend proved to be pretty busy. By Sunday we were ready for a little wind down. Some chores and laundry filled up most of the day, and continuous coverage of the Olympics took up the background noise.

As usual, the princess was at work perfecting her outfit. blk

In my efforts for the blog to better document our daily lives, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a photo op. My model got shy on me though.


What she insisted on, was that she be the photographer. In the last few months, she’s actually gotten quite good at taking pictures. We still have the occasional overload of surprise selfies we find from her, but she’s finally gotten the hang of pointing and shooting for a pretty accurate picture. A bit blurry but hey, she’s still a beginner. We have a small digital camera that is our usual go to, so I showed her how to hold the button long enough to take a photo and let her go on her way.


We edited them together and decided that black and white really highlighted the artistic feel she was going for, at least that’s what I gathered from “Mom, I want this one.” But I simply gave her the camera and let her do her thing. She seemed really intent on showing the world our kitchen. Her pictures I find hilarious, plus it’s what it’s like to only see things from below the counter top. I mean I’m short, but not that short.




The infamous tub of licorice. She took 5 photos of it. It apparently was good subject matter. I chose the best one of the bunch. Don’t be alarmed that we keep the snacks by the knives. She usually stays out of them. Usually…

red vine



I apparently really need to wipe down the side of my fridge. Eeww.


This last one is by far my favorite. She got these Cinderella shoes for her birthday and LOVES them, she’s constantly in them. Let me tell you, this girl is AMAZING in heels. She does things in them most grown woman would struggle to do . She runs, like full on I’m running for my life run, without tripping. She jumps and plays in them and they stay on. She climbs the counters in them. Dances in them. It’s incredible. She can do this in my heels as well, ones that obviously don’t even fit her and give her an 5 extra inches to fall on her face. Her aunt April would be proud.


Hayden might be a budding photographer. Perhaps a model. Professional rock climber ( is that even a thing?). Chef. Actress. The verdict is still out. To check out someone that actually knows what they’re doing, you should follow my brother in laws collection. They are our ultimate faves.

He’s a pretty good writer also. There’s potential for sure. See for yourself my friends.


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