Week three had by chance a holiday in it. Valentine’s day. This holiday has never been my favorite. But since having a little one at home it’s definitely become a lot more exciting. I decided we would make some goodies and some Valentines for our loved ones and while I was at it, would do something for Project 52. Hayden and I worked all afternoon making cookies and dabbling in purple glitter.

cookie plate

We made several plates of these and got them set up for delivery on the big day. Hayden had discovered her beach bucket earlier and was set on heading to the beach that day. When I explained that we couldn’t go, she decided to prove to me later when I was in the shower, that she could still find a use for her beach bucket. To demolish our valentines. accident

We salvaged what we could. A little purple glitter on your cookie never killed anyone. I hope.

I picked up these darling blank Valentines from Target and used a few for Hayden’s friends and opted to use the rest for my project.


My plan was to write a lovely message on them and leave them on an unsuspecting person’s car. Not everyone had a Valentine on Friday. Mine unfortunately was at work himself. Even for those that had a loved one to be with though, an unexpected caring note can brighten your day. Here’s what I came with:


Something simple. It took me not even 10 minutes to write out the cards and have them sealed and ready to go. Now to decide where to go to deliver them. I jogged around a few ideas in my head and decided that Sacred Heart church would be my winner. There was a 9 am mass and I was headed to an early morning class at the gym that day so it would be perfect timing for me to do my drop beforehand. Although I myself am not Catholic, majority of my in laws are, so it was something close to home. I figured someone headed to morning mass was looking for renewal and a fresh start to their day. It seemed like the best place that a kind note from a stranger would be appreciated.

I arrived at their parking lot about 5 minutes before mass started. I pulled behind a group of cars and rushed out in the wind to attempt sliding the cards against their windows. A few got the ‘under the windshield wiper’ trick. I made my delivery and made it to my class with minutes to spare.

Although I’ll never know the outcome of my Valentines Day mission, my hope is that it showed some love to someone who perhaps didn’t have any that day, or help remind someone else to spread kindness around to others.

Hope you all experienced a day filled with happiness, love and many wonderful blessings. Happy Belated Valentines Day.

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