a birthday story

Hayden OFFICIALLY turned 3 today. We already had a party for her and she has yet another party this weekend, so we’ve been in the spirit all month. But today is the real deal. Three years ago this 8 pound beautiful girl came into our lives.

baby hayd

I couldn’t believe how perfect she was.

My water broke after I had gotten off work that Saturday morning and I was packing boxes out to my car. My now sister in law and I were moving into a bigger place. I was already feeling tired and worn out, and now super annoyed that I had peed my pants. Until I realized that it might have actually been something important, like my water. Awesome.

A quick phone call later and we were throwing everything out of my car into the driveway and rushing to the hospital. 35 hours later, Hayden Evelee entered the world. 35 hours of labor seems like a horror but actually most of that involved sitting on an exercise ball watching the Food Network channel. Plus, once I got my epidural I was one happy camper. So happy that I’m somewhat looking forward to delivering baby #2 so I can get another dose of those spectacular meds. How sad I sound.

Anyway, back to the story. I only had about an hour and a half of hard labor and she arrived. Without a peep. She just laid there and wiggled. Wiggled and snuggled. Did I mention that she was perfect? Just look at her.


Then just like that, three years flew by. All those sleepless nights, late night feedings, shirts ruined by throw up, tantrums and moments of utter frustration, have all been worth it. She’s still my perfect little person. Alright, I say perfect reeeeally loosely. She is still a toddler.

She has the funniest laugh. It’s almost forced because it’s so loud and dorky. She loves blueberries, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes ( or tom banidos as she refers to them), spaghetti and pepperoni pizza, pancakes and cottage cheese.

She’s so independent and willing to do anything on her own, if you’ll let her. She jumps in every puddle she comes across, and if it were up to her, would wear her pink princess dress and fairy wings every day. Seriously.

According to her, Curious George rules the world. She’s extremely picky with the radio, she will ask to change the station 20 times just so she can find the very right song for the moment. Then ask me to dance for her.

Every morning and after every nap, she gets up and comes to find Andy or I to tell us good morning. She will pretend to be a puppy for hours. Barking and panting. It’s to the point now, she will bring us things in her mouth and ask to play fetch. We might need to get her a real dog soon.

Her newest kick is Hide N Seek. Which our version goes like this..

“Mom, hide me. And count to 10.”

“Alright. 1.2.3….”

Inevitably, she’s always in the linen closet or under a blanket.

“Alright, Hayd, now you count and I’ll hide.”

“Ok. 1. 10. I’m coming!”

I’ve only managed to run down the hall and jump behind the couch before she’s after me. It needs some work, we’re getting there.

She’s smart and clever. Extremely sassy. She wants to play with the boys and dress like the girls. She’s sweet and sensitive. Funny and silly.

And she’s growing up entirely way to fast. Happy birthday to my favorite girl.


number 2





last one

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