your welcome, ladies

Anyone that has met my sister knows that she’s the cats meow. For those of you that don’t, here’s the scoop. She’s probably the coolest feline I’ve ever met. I don’t just say that because she’s my sister. She is creative. Like to the max. Always way ahead of the curve with fashion. She can rock the most insane outfit and it’s flawless. One of the best things about her: she is always in the know with the coolest stuff, and then fills me in. Like this:


If you aren’t up to speed about Birchbox, your missing out. Truly.

Here’s the low down. It’s $10 a month. No joke. This includes shipping. Even to Alaska! That is unheard of. For $10 a month, you get 4-5 samples of various products. Each one can vary depending on what you set your preferences to. Mine for instance, always includes a fragrance. Because that shiz is expensive and I never buy it. Don’t really wear makeup? No sweat. You can get yummy treats. Lotions. Face cream. Nail polish. Assorted teas. Hair products.

I just got my March box today. Here, take a peek.

march box

They have the cutest packaging. I love it. I re use the boxes too. Perfect when making your friends a little treat box of your own. The samples in my opinion are pretty good size. The perfume sample lasts until I get my next box. The hair products are good for 2-3 washes. The lotions and lip products are perfect for throwing in your purse or car.

You also get an adorable card with each box, that has descriptions of each product on the back, and what the full size pricing is, if you choose to ever order it.


My march box included : lotion, curl keeper hair cream, eyeliner, anti aging serum with sunscreen which can be used as primer under makeup, and a sample of Juliette Has A Gun perfume.

Ready to sign up yet? You should be. In case you need some more convincing here are a few more reasons this product is the bees knees.

They have a box for your man! So for just $20, both you and your guy can have snazzy goods each month.

Even better, they have fantastic customer service. February’s box came and my shampoo and conditioner sample had exploded. Everywhere. My friend who lives up here as well had the same problem. Obviously an issue when you live in the arctic. I emailed them explaining the problem and they were super prompt to email me back and let me know they’d send me a replacement. What’s stellar about this is, the shampoo really made a mess of things, yes, but didn’t actually ruin any of the other samples. Instead of just getting another sample of shampoo, I got a whole new box, and to my delight, with all different products!

feb box

This go around I got: Two samples of delicious tea, protective oil for my hair, pore refining cream (YES PAAALEASE), another perfume sample, and tinted top coat.

A fun fact for you. Two of my biggest pet peeves. Wearing wrinkly clothes and chipped nail polish. I despise chipped nail polish. Yet, nice nails are a must. Especially now that I’m growing larger each day and am a lovely shade of pale white, a good looking manicure is a quick fix. Which is why I looooove the nail polish sample I got. Violet tinted top coat. Shiny top coat is one of my favorite beauty secrets. In a hurry, I can give my nails a quick file, throw on some top coat, and in a few minutes I have town worthy nails.


In the process of this picture, I realized just how awkward hand selfies are. Sorry about that.

Love a sample you got? Their website is super easy to use and you can order a full size version of any product you sampled. With every purchase you’ll acquire points that you can save up for a discount off of a future purchase. Save them up and you can even get a free full size product!

Need a killer gift idea for your fabulous friend? You can gift a Birchbox subscription for $30. Your friend will get 3 months worth of goodies to try. Awesome sauce.

I am in no way affiliated with Birchbox, though I should be. Maybe they’ll see this and hire me. Here’s to wishful thinking.

Now hurry and sign up for April!


One thought on “your welcome, ladies

  1. Thank you for telling me about Birchbox last year! They are wonderful and Lauren and I have been getting the boxes since I think November. You are right! They are like a little gift that comes every month, so pretty and fun! I love Birchbox and have told everyone I know about them! 🙂

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