you’re a wolf

You’re a wolf boy, get out of this town. So the tune goes. In a world filled with Arcade Fire, Broken Bells, Grizzly Bear, and The Shins, resides a band known as Sea Wolf. While the group consists of several members, the core of the music lies in Alex Church, the lead singer. The latest album, Old World Romance, is a compilation of his skill set. While still being recorded with the help of a band, the main focus was Alex’s voice and lyrics, alongside his acoustic guitar. Making it easier to do a solo tour. Which led him to Alaska..

An acoustic showing at a local coffee shop. Count me in. Acoustic in my opinion is always better. Anyone can make music. Especially now. There are so many genres of music. You don’t even have to be a good singer, actually you don’t even have to sing at all. Technology can do all the work. A true testimony of a musician’s talent though is their live performance. How many times have you heard a song performed live and it’s horrendous? Even something as simple as being on the Today show. It’s a total buzz kill.

There is something so special about acoustic to me. It’s open, it’s vulnerable. Completely raw. You get to see inside the soul of the songs without all the added hype of background music. The best part though? Their voice. Especially when it’s true talent, those melodic moments draw you in and your hooked.

Tonight was no exception. It was magic.


The set was done at Vagabond Blues, a local café. If I were to guess, I’d say there were about 75 people there. It started out smaller but as the set went on, more meandered in to get in on the goods. As you might be able to tell, our seats were front and center. Apart  from laying on the stage, we couldn’t have been any closer.

He sounded amazing. Was incredibly down to earth. He interacted with the crowd. Took requests. Blushed when someone yelled out he was dreamy. Started a song in the wrong key. Goofed the lyrics once. He was honest and real. Made us laugh and continued to tell us he was having a really great time. It was everything you want from a musician.

What makes it even more surreal? He’s the real deal. Lives in Los Angeles with his band. Has multiple successful albums. They pop up frequently on many of my Pandora stations. Any Twilight fans out there?! Their song The Violet Hour was featured on New Moon. That’s pretty legit in my book. And why I’m not ashamed to say I was a bit star struck.

We were able to enjoy the experience for about an hour and half. Truth be told, I could have sat there a lot longer. Despite the fact my rear was fast asleep and my pregnant bladder was loooooong overdue for a break. The crowd cleared out pretty fast and most everyone that was left headed for the merchandise table. I already have the first and last album, so I snagged myself the vinyl of the middle album, White Water, White Bloom.

I bought it just in time to get it signed by the big man himself.

albumWhile the rest of the coffee crew began to clean up and close up shop, Alex stepped in at the table and finished helping the rest of the line of people. What’s better than buying your merchandise from the musician himself?! Not a whole lot.

The line began to diminish and we geared up to hit the road. Not before I got just one more piece of evidence…


(I knew I should have worn my dark blue cardigan too)

Wishing all the crew safe travels back to the lower 48 and thanks for gracing the arctic for a few days.

Now onto some more listening for the night.


One thought on “you’re a wolf

  1. That sounds amazing! I completely agree with you. I think acoustic is always better and so are records. I love the crackle sound they make, the way the music sounds not so perfect, and the way they take me back to a time when musicians actually had to have at least some talent to get one of those. The kids today don’t know what they are missing with all this digital stuff. I remember my blue record player and I would play all my brother’s rock albums because he was older and very cool and I wanted to be just like him. I also remember playing his Grease soundtrack (yes, the original record) over and over and singing along as though I were Sandy and Rizzo. I have to say that Matt has the most amazing taste in music and has turned me onto many artists that I never heard of who are fantastic! We will have to sit and chat about all of this great music we love and compare notes. 🙂

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