slush cup

While all the rest of you in the lower 48, well most of you, are enjoying warm weather and flowers blooming, we here in Alaska are surrounded by snow. Still.

I shouldn’t complain because majority of it has melted and the temperatures are rapidly rising. But I will complain, just because I can. I’m over winter, like seriously done with it. I want lush green grass in my front yard. I want to fill my flower beds and pots with bright colored flowers. Even though I’m in major need of a tan and a pedicure currently, I could really go for a day in a sundress and flip flops.

I’ll wait patiently, somewhat, with everyone else and in a few short weeks we’ll be there. In the mean time, April in Alaska means Alyeska’s spring carnival. Spring for us means longer days (it currently stays light until close to 10 pm) and warmer temperatures which is a dream for winter sport enthusiasts. I should perhaps join that crowd and make my life easier up here. Until that happens, I’ll do things like check out Slush Cup.


We were hoping for a sunnier day but it actually turned out to be fairly warm and didn’t snow or rain on us. I’ll take it. The slopes were filled with skiers and snowboarders, and even the wee ones were taking advantage of some open hillside.



I on the other hand, sat on my toosh and waited for the event to start. All while snacking. Of course.

black and white me

The munchkin practiced some selfies. She’s getting really good as you can tell.


Slush Cup is a three day event. Friday usually involves a concert and a costume party in which part of the winners get an entry ticket for the next days event. Saturday is the main event where contestants dress in costume and ski or snowboard down the slope and try and make it across a 90 ft pool. This event is excellent for people watching, last year was fantastic and this year proved to be just as entertaining. Case in point.fur2

These two were my favorite. The one in orange is a lady with a fantastic mustache. So hilarious.


This guy wore silver stretch pants and a leather jacket like no one has ever worn them before. Nailed it.

silver pants

I forgot my sunglasses and found that I squinted for majority of the day. If I had planned better like this fellow, I would have faired better.


I even had a celebrity sighting. I wouldn’t actually say celebrity, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ll apologize now for the bad photo. I feel for paparazzi, it’s hard to get a face shot when someone is so close.

willow“Oh hey, Willow Palin. How’s it going? Just caught on you on a rerun of celebrity Wife Swap the other day. Good work with that sticker board.”

I imagine I would say something stupid like that.

Once the event starts, it goes by quick. I wished I would have remembered an actual camera but the IPhone sufficed for the day. faceplant

That water, ladies and gentlemen, is a chilly 31 degrees. So as a contestant you REALLY hope you make it all the way across without face planting. Most were not so fortunate.




Here piggy, piggy.


This year brought great costumes to the mix. Jesus, an eagle, a monk, chicken, ballerina, cave woman, and my personal favorite. A giant tooth.

I’ll still have my bouts with our never ending winter, but at least for this day I can say I made peace with our Alaska style spring.

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