a beautiful mess

We each have our own daily rituals of social media. Mine include only a few things. Email first. Then Instagram. Post Secret is new every Sunday. Each day I check on a few of my favorite blogs. Some are updated with new posts a few times a week, others less. My all time favorite has several new posts a day and is included in my morning, not even out of bed, barely on speaking terms, ritual.


It’s everything I can only dream my blog would be one day. Most of the blogs I follow are from a single writer, which I actually really love. This is my “fancy” blog though. They have a staff of writers, because they are super cool like that, and seriously write about EVERYTHING! Well everything that I love anyway. Like food, fashion, DIY projects, product reviews, and beauty tips. If you don’t need help or ideas with any of these subjects, well then your obviously perfect. But if your like me, you need a little assistance with your life.

All their recipes look so marvelous. So far I’ve tried out the Gummy Bear Cookies. They barely made it into the bag because I basically ate majority of the batch. I just picked up the ingredients to try out the Broccoli Pasta Salad, and the Blueberry Bagels. Bagels are a god send, and if I can manage to find a good recipe, I’ll probably make them a part of every single one of my meals, daily.

I’ve been on a craft kick lately. ABM has been my inspiration. Easter is fast approaching and I told myself I would try and make majority of my décor and Hayden’s basket fixings myself. I’d like you all to meet Sandra.


She’s quiet and down to earth. Is a great listener, and just really wants to be your friend.

The reality of this project is that it was a real *bleep*. Doll making is not my calling. Of course the instructions made it seem like a breeze. I almost don’t want to show you the link to what she’s really supposed to look like. Plus this was actually my second attempt. Projects this small are time consuming. I’m assuming the woman who gave the tutorial has nimble ninja fingers also, because it took my Vienna Sausages a few weeks to finally get this accomplished. But at least I can say I finished and Hayden will hopefully have a memory of her first homemade doll. Sandra most likely will only be a memory as I’m predicting she will be annihilated by the end of the day.

Want to see what she’s supposed to look like? Fine, here.

We’re hosting dinner this year also, so I thought this fantastic paper flower centerpiece would be perfect. This project went a lot smoother than the doll.


I found that the smaller flowers turned out looking better, and were easier to assemble. The tutorial video goes by fast so I just kept it handy and referenced it through my crafting session. Make up a bunch of these and you can do a fancy wreath, make a darling present for a friend, or just use them to spruce up your home décor without having to worry about a vase of dead flowers in a few days.


My current project is the most adorable felt garden box I have ever seen. If you have little ones, and have any trace of sewing capabilities you totally need to make one of these.

All these projects have helped kick start our creativity and our weekend was also filled with making our own tutus. We of course needed some new head garb too. bubb;e

Posing for pictures didn’t really seem to suit her today. This was the best we could come up with.


 Care Bear was much easier to work with after being adorned with her new tutu. She didn’t even complain once.

care bear

Hayden’s deal for the morning was that she would put the skirt and headband back on for pictures as long as she could wear them outside. Without socks. All while blowing bubbles. I caved.


So be sure to check out ABM on the reg and hopefully it will help make yourself, your home and your life a little sweeter.


2 thoughts on “a beautiful mess

  1. I have been crafty too for some reason lately. It is very calming for me and I like learning how to do something new and then figuring out my way to make it suit me and my skills (and my ADD). I also made the paper flowers (you probably saw them) and they were so easy. Coffee filters and food coloring, who knew?! I think you are way more skilled than I am at the crafting thing though, especially sewing. I haven’t sewed since Home Economics in high school. I made a stuffed dog (sewed by hand) and pink duffel bag (sewed by machine). That was enough for me lol. You are truly amazing with all you can do! 🙂

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